I noticed that, on my OpenChurch site and on the OpenChurch demo site, when viewed in IE9 and earlier, there are overlapping DIVs on the "Events" page (I've attached a screenshot of the demo Events page, as rendered by IE9).

It looks like IE is placing high priority on responsive.css rather than openchurch-features.css, so the 'position,' 'float,' and 'top' elements are all being overridden by the responsive layout. Any advice on how to tweak this so that IE gets its priorities straight?

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First off, i am new to both drupal and css, so if this is a complete hack or whatever, i would def appreciate honest feedback. That said, i ran into this issue and i was able to resolve it by changing the following css file:


I changed the following block (original code is commented):

* Events list page filter fix
.openchurch-events-list .view-filters {
/* margin-top: -35px; top: 0; */
text-align: right; position: relative; top: -33px; float: right;

I just inserted the proper property values from the openchurch-features.css file.

Thanks for your comments in this issue, i never would have figured this out without the info you provided in the report.

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Darn I have a real problem bc right now I can't test ie9 easily.

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Going to try to install a VM for ie9 so that I can test ie9 issues.

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OK I can recreate this now that I have an ie9 VM. I will work on this. I can't believe ie9 breaks stuff that was working in ie8.

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Oh great, this is happening in all of them, ie7-9. DARN. Thanks for the heads up!

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OK I had a big time logic error with my ie stylesheets. Thanks for finding! I have the fix in the latest version of openchurch_theme. I have updated OC dev but I will need to wait until the OC theme stable release is packaged before I can tag the new OC release. I should be able to do that today or tomorrow.

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No worries - thanks for the update! I wouldn't have found it except a parishioner uses IE.

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ok this is now updated in 7.x-1.11-beta6

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