What I did:
In 'jQuery Cycle Custom Options' I chose in 'Advanced Options': easing
In the 'Advanced Option Value' I entered easeOutBounce

The result: The first line shows, the scroller does not work.

The output of the Javascript in the source-code is:


When I remove the easing effect, save the view and look at the source-code, it shows:


which looks ok to me.

Repeating adding the easing-effect leads again to the following source-code:


Seems that something is wrong here.


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Seeing the same behaviour here. Any guidance on syntax here, or is this in fact broken?

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The encoded \u0022 is actually fine as it gets parsed by

var advancedOptions = JSON.parse(settings.advanced_options);

At line 126 of views_slideshow_cycle.js

However I'm still having trouble getting activePagerClass to work, the css class just isn't passing up to the div.

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corrections in expression

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I am having exactly the same problem Easing does not seem to work with any combination of syntax.

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To use the easing effects, you have to have the jquery easing library installed. However Views Slideshow did not automatically enable it if present and needed. Fixing and adding documentation/links.

  • NickWilde committed 9f6fe3e on 7.x-3.x
    Fix: Issue #1843538 by NickWilde: jQuery Cycle Custom Options - Easing...
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