Why is the search functionality on this site so useless? I just searched..."views"...and it's nowhere to be found. This was with "Modules" selected, and even the sub-category of "Views" was tried.

Then trying to sort by "Most Installed" instead of "Relevancy" (which was clearly misinformed), will revert back with no other option.

Maybe I'm just doing it wrong? And it's not just views. Searching "ctools" will result in the same long list of unintended (yet I'm sure useful) projects without Chaos Tools being listed. And ctools is even in the title.

Any assistance is very welcome.

PS - I know /project/views is how to get there. This situation was just very unexpected.


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The search looks to be a little broken right now actually. Forever, 'Most installed' was selected by default, which really made no sense, as people are almost always going to be searching for relevance. Now 'relevancy' is selected by default, which makes sense, and 'most installed' cannot even be selected (I kept getting redirected to 'relevancy'). So I have to wonder if the relevancy search actually is searching by relevancy, since as you say, it doesn't even find the views module when searching for views.

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I too have been noticing this for the past day or so...

Searching for things like CCK, views, pathauto and more result in less than desired search results. I've tried searching for other things this past couple of days too, and just never found what I was looking for, but in those other cases, just thought it was me and my vague search terms.

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Glad to know I'm not crazy. I'll submit a new issue then so this doesn't go unnoticed. It may even be one already (which I'll look for first).

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I searched and could not find an issue already for this problem.

I opened this issue: #1898258: Search switches to relevancy when try and use "most installed"
That should help alert people who can fix it, and also give people a place to follow the conversation if they are interested and/or want to help.

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I opened an issue on this a long while back here:


but I'm guessing by now that wasn't the right place...hopefully someone, somewhere will figure out what's what...

in the meantime - using google to search for modules and themes works almost just as good...

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i am too, search has become very bad, I'm trying to find a simple module, and get wrong.

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Search is completely useless.

Forget Drupal 8 if the search function on drupal.org does not even work.

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I came to make a new post about this.

I found this at the top of the forum.

Search is completely broken. I type in 'Display Suite' for modules for example - wow what kind of a result is that?!

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Agreed search seems to be completely out of whack.
It doesn't have anything to do with Drupal 7, Drupal.org is powered by Apache Solr.
Even if you refine your search, to a module, type in: display suite

I get results that don't seem to make sense.

If I even refine it further, 7x modules. It still doesn't find it...

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Is there any update to this? I still see plenty of bad search results...

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Really?, seriously!
When will Drupal search function actually provide results based on user input in the search box?

Filters and search box are just eye-candy. Whatever search word, whatever the filter, the results are totally independant of user input. It's a joke. But we're not laughing.

Basic search is not rocket science dudes. It's not edging technology.

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I've been wondering about this too. Only way to find something is to use an external search engine. Maybe they should just integrate one of those?

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They just finished upgrading Drupal.org from D6 to D7, which has been their priority for the past year. Now they will likely have some time to work on other parts of the site - like the search :D

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I agree, it's not an appropriate time to 'complain' about it, but it's been like this ever since I started using drupal (almost 3 years). Well, let's hope they'll sort this out.

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You (and anyone else) are always free to pick up the issue and fix it yourself as well: https://drupal.org/node/1018084