On a clean install of drupal, views exposed filters with a reset button result in a redirect loop error.
Views version is current 7.35.
Downgrading to drupal 7.1.6 fixes the issue.



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Title: Drupal 7.17 breaks views exposed filter » Drupal 7.17 breaks views exposed filter due to change in form redirect.
Component: views.module » forms system
Priority: Normal » Major

This seems likely caused by #171267: form redirects removes get variables like sort and order not sure if this should be treated as a regression caused by core or that views needs to be updated. Bumping priority to get some eyes on the issue.

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Hm, that's unfortunate. It's a legitimate core bug fix, but in retrospect it seems like it had some unintended consequences so I wish I had at least thought of mentioning this change into the release notes, etc.

I'll update the Drupal 7.17 release notes now and list this as a "known issue".

For starters, I posted a patch at #1807916: Reset button on exposed filters causes a redirect loop (in the Views queue) to fix this. I guess we'll have to see if anything other than Views is affected too.

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Status: Active » Postponed

Marking as postponed as no other reported issues other than views at this stage, and views issue is #1807916: Reset button on exposed filters causes a redirect loop
Please re-open if you find other impacts

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Note: This broke tests for Privatemsg related to tagging private message threads, took me a while to check them and actually make the connection to this. Applying a similar fix as in views fixed them.

This didn't really break the functionality, just the tests, which relied on a non-js fallback of an #ajax link that loads a form (through a GET argument). The test expected the text-version of the tag list after the form submit but because the get argument is now kept, it still rendered a form, so the assertText() failed. So nothing really problematic, but it is a behavior change...

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Title: Drupal 7.17 breaks views exposed filter due to change in form redirect. » Drupal 7.17 breaks some form redirects (including views exposed filters)
Priority: Major » Normal
Status: Postponed » Active

OK, guess we should reopen this for now :(

Since Views has the biggest affected functionality so far and that one already has a fix, I guess we can demote it to "normal" though.

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Note sure if we can/should "fix" this. The original fix is exactly what did cause the changed behavior, I don't think we can undo that without also undoing the fix.

I think making sure that this change is properly documented with a change record if there isn't one already and maybe a notice in the release notes would be enough for people where this change is actually causing a problem. I knew about this issue because I've seen this before, others might not have half of the core issue queue in their head ;)

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This is already linked to in the "known issues" section of the release notes (see above), and it's linked automatically by title so hopefully the title change I made above is enough to communicate that it might not be just Views which is affected.

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Oh, and I forgot to mention, we could of course add a change notification also, if people want to.

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i faced the same problem with Drupal 7.18 .should i downgrade again to my ex-version..(which is 7.16 -cause i didn't update to 7.17 cause of this error,and it seemed to be in 7.18 also)
-i applied the solution in #2 and it solve the view problem .is there any things affected by this issue?

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Looks like no one has reported anything except the Views issue so far, which is fixed by the above-referenced patch. Most likely that means you're OK, but it's hard to know 100% for sure.

I wouldn't recommend downgrading to Drupal 7.16 since then you won't have the security fixes from Drupal 7.18...

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thanks for your reply, i wish that is the only issue ,i am testing the entire site now and if i face any problems i will tell.thanks again

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Does this problem still exist in Drupal 7.19? Will this be fixed in next Drupal or Views versions?

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It still exists in Drupal 7.19, you need to patch views with patch provided on http://drupal.org/node/1807916#comment-6711528. This is a single line patch on views setting a redirect to current path(). Patch works on 3.5.

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Thanks JurgenR. Will this be solved on next version of Views?