I have tried installing multiple times on a site. But there are never any menu options in administration, nor any new permissions created.

The database tables are there, but none of the UI elements seem to be there.


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Tried 2.1 as well, still same problem. It's like none of the menu hooks are registering. I have the administer filters permission checked.

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Wysiwyg does not add any new permissions and it only creates menu items under admin/config/content/wysiwyg in D7.
Try clearing your cache after installing, especially if you used Drush and/or the Administration menu (it may need an explicit menu cache flush).

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I'm changing this to a support request and marking as "fixed" since it seems likely that the Administration menu cache didn't get flushed when installing the module, which explains why no menu items were showing up.

EDIT: Feel free to change the issue back to active if caches weren't the problem.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.