I'm currently having my logs spammed with this error:

Warning: apc_store(): Potential cache slam averted for key 'www.amateurwriting.net::cache::ctools_plugin_files:og_migrate:og_migrate' in DrupalAPCCache->set() (line 206 of /<HTML-ROOT>/sites/all/modules/apc/drupal_apc_cache.inc).

Every access or click of the page generates a new error, and clearing cache does not seem to help.

Google seems to indicate this is related to version 3.1 of APC.

Anyone else getting this?


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I'm getting this...

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I fixed it by editing php.ini files and adding:

; Fixing drupal.org/node/1831218#comment-6968166
apc.write_lock = 1 and apc.slam_defense = 0
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I am getting this too but only on taxonomy list pages thus far. I do not think I would turn of the apc.slam-defense but I am not sure what should be done here.


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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

This is more a PHP APC extension problem then the Drupal module.