I'm creating this issue simply to address the sub-issue brought up in this thread in case anyone else encounters the issue: http://drupal.org/node/975604#comment-6586640

ISSUE: Slideshow works perfectly with a fade effect (firefox), THEN, navigate around my site a bit home>about>home>about>home>about>home, slideshow only renders first image (the controls do as does the titles - just a big blank space where image 2 and 3 should be). I have a title above them to test and that DOES cycle between the node titles at all times. Ironically, I cannot recreate this in IE7/8/9 where IE is usually my nemesis!

Close firefox (which clears cache/history etc...) > reopen > go to my site, slideshow works, navigate around > home, back to first image only!

I'm using controls next/previous but it is the same using a counter so that is irrelevant, my spec is:

Drupal 7.14
sites/all/libraries/jquery.cycle.all.js (v2.99)
Views 7.x-3.3
Views Slideshow 7.x-3.0
Views Slideshow: Cycle 7.x-3.0


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I was running into the same problem with Firefox v15.0. Safari and Chrome worked fine. However, clearing my caches and restarting Firefox seemed to fix the problem. I also installed v2.99 of jquery.cycle and "compress javascript files" is currently turned on. Everything seems to be working fine since I restarted Firefox.

CORRECTION: Navigating to other parts of the site and returning to the slideshow page brought the problem back again...

I've noticed that there seems to be an issue with Imagecache presets which is causing this problem. I'm not sure why, but when I try to view the images that won't load (by going to the direct URL in the "default/files" directory) the following error message is returned:

The image “http://www.siteurl.com/sites/default/files/styles/large/public/slideshow...” cannot be displayed because it contains errors.

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SOLUTION: I think I got it figured out. I noticed that the images I uploaded had spaces in the name and so the image files were being linked to like this: gallery/services/Braced%20Tilt-up%20Panels.JPG

I had a hunch and was right. Apparently those spaces were breaking the image links in Firefox but no other browsers. Why? I have no clue. So I decided to install the File Field Paths module (http://drupal.org/project/filefield_paths), edited the Content Type's "Image" field and selected "Cleanup using Pathauto" under the "File Name Options" section. Of course Pathauto has to be installed as well (http://drupal.org/project/pathauto). Pathauto automatically adds a dash in the place of spaces. Once I updated everything, all of the images started loading correctly using Views Slideshow.

Unless anyone else has encountered this issue, I think it can be closed as fixed.

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I have tried this solution, eventhough the image files I uploaded contained no spaces.
But the problem persists: after clicking some menu items on the site, the slideshow on the home-page shows only the first slide and then some alt-fields for the next images.

This happens only with Firefox.

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I have been trying to find a solution to this for quite some time. It seems to be a firefox issue, though, and not an issue with Views Slideshow.
You'll find that when an image is not being displayed, if you try to load only that image in firefox (by typing the image url into your url field), there is an error message telling you that the image has errors.
Clearing your firefox cache makes this issue go away.

I'd love to find a solution for this, but I have a suspicion that Views Slideshow has nothing to do with it.

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Status: Fixed » Active

Just double checked. You guys are correct. Damn. Thought I had finally found a solution to the problem. Returning this issue to active status as we still haven't found a solution.

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Solved by re-exporting the original images and replacing the broken ones in Drupal. Make sure you're using a good image tool like Photoshop with 'Save for Web'. There are issues with saving from "Preview" style programs built into various operating systems. There also seems to be a caching issue so once you've re-uploaded the images, clear your caches 2-3 times before trying again.

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@mducharme - I don't think that fixes this specific problem. It appears to be more of a caching issue for Firefox specifically. It's also potentially an issue with the Omega Theme. I'm curious to know if others who are having this issue are also using the Omega Theme as their base.

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Hi, am having the same issue... deleting the cache in Firefox helps, but after several clicks through menus, only the first image displays, then blank (white) space...

And nope, I am not using Omega Theme as my base, so it's not only Omega related..

EDIT: My images are without spaces in their names, so this one doesn't help....
Anyway, I changed my images from .png to .jpg and it's working OK now.

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I'm using .jpg as well and still encountering this issue, so that's not the problem either...

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OK, I have 4 .jpg images, only 3 works now, the fourth has "errors", as Mozilla says.

I found out this:

This is a known bug that is being worked on. The image itself is fine, i.e. it contains no errors.
The reason for this behavior appears to be the fact that Mozilla - depending on your Cache settings - requests the image twice. It only appears on websites that do not allow images to be linked to/called directly from outside of their pages. Since Mozilla does not send the referrer (i.e. web address of the page where the file is linked from) the second time it requests the image, the website sends an "access denied" page in HTML form where Mozilla is expecting an image, hence the error messsage (Mozilla tries to display an image when it receives an HTML page, so for the browser, the "image" contains an error).
Solution: Change your cache settings to "Compare the page in the cache to the page on the network When the page is out of date". To do so, select "Edit" -> "Preferences" -> "Advanced" -> "Cache".

The strangest thing is, that the quote is from a troubleshooting page for Mozilla from 2006 o.O Looks like they really work hard on this issue.

Anyway, as was said in here before, looks like FireFox issue, nothing to do with Views Slideshow IMHO.

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That would explain why re-uploading the image works, however temporarily. Thanks for looking into it. Is there an alternate way that this module can load images to avoid this problem altogether?

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Any more progress here? - if the slideshow does not work in one major Browser, then it can't be used at all.

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Priority: Normal » Major

I have been having this same problem, too. Same exact setup. First image (no spaces in the name) loads, following images "contain errors". Cache clearing fixes it only temporarily. The slideshow works in all other browsers.

I'm changing this issue's priority to major since there are many of us on the thread now, and Firefox is a major browser, as @Renzy points out in #12 above (some might argue this is a critical issue, but I think it's at least major). Views slideshow is otherwise a great module and essential building tool in Drupal. I really hope this can be addressed. If it's a Mozilla issue, then is there some way we can reach out to them?

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I can't seem to re-create this issue with FF 16.0.2 and a sub-theme of Zen 7.x.-5.dev. Wondering if it could be a FF add-on conflicting.

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Thanks for trying to reproduce it. The first time our client reported it, I couldn't reproduce it, either. I had them disable all their add-ons, clear their FF cache, etc.; that fixed it for a day or two, tops. It seems to happen on repeat visits to the page with the slideshow (in this case, the homepage), and/or when it's open for long periods of time in a tab. It kind of sneaks up on you. The only add-ons I have are Firebug and Y-Slow, and my client definitely doesn't have either of those, so I don't think it's an add-on. I also got the problem using a cross-browser testing service.

I sub-themed AdaptiveTheme, but I definitely don't see how it could be an AT issue if others are getting this with Omega, and possibly other themes.

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Tried to re-create the issue on 2 different PC's now with no luck. I do see the issue is for version 7.x-3.0 and I'm using the 7.x-3.0+18-dev that is quite a few months newer.

Might be worth mentioning I'm testing on a live VPS and not localhost.

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Just to let you know of my set up, where I am having this problem.

Firefox 16.0.2
Zen Sub Theme 3.x-3.1
Drupal 7.16 (views, views slideshow, libraries and chaos tools all up to date, though NOT dev versions)
All FF addons disbaled.
Working on local MAMP server

So further testing would be to put site live, and to test Dev versions of Slideshow.

Will post when done.

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Updated Views Slideshow to version 7.x-3.0+18-dev... still same issue remains on my localhost.

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Same as @Renzy, my core and modules are main branches, up-to-date. As I said, I sub-themed AdaptiveTheme 7.x-3.x.

FF 16.0.2 on Windows for me. Clients are in current FF on Mac and Windows, both. I can (eventually) reproduce this problem on my local WAMP setup, on a dev box on Linode VPS, and on the client's production VPS.

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@hanpersand, Did you try the latest dev of Slideshow? My test is here if you want to see if it happens for you.

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@hanpersand and others, I seemed to have found a fix for this, but am not sure as yet.

With my views display, I was using fields, and just showing the 'slider image' field as I have called it. Previously, I was using the 'Image Style' as None (original image). If I select one of the existing image cache sets I have from the drop down box, such as 'large', save and view my display, then it is displaying correctly.

However usually it would do this for a little while, then the slides following the first one would drop out. However this time I have clicked around various links on my site many times, and have come back to the slide, and the slides are still playing through correctly.

@hanpersand - perhaps if you try this and confirm if you get the same behavior?


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@Renzy Thanks a lot, tried your solution from #21 - I created new image style with width/height of my slideshow images and assigned this style to images in my slideshow - it seems to work OK now.

Have been clicking all around my web, then went back to HP with Slideshow - still wokrs! :)

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I am using image styles for my slideshow and I can still reproduce the issue using Firefox 16.0.2.

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@Renzy, the site where I have this issue is using image styles. It's in post-launch support and no longer in dev, but while I was building and when this issue first surfaced, I changed the Image Style several times. It would make the problem go away for a while, similar to a cache clear. And a cache clear always seems a temporary fix for this problem. But then the problem would reappear. I've been through several rounds of "fixing" this and/or thinking it was related to local Firefox settings for my clients, only to have it re-surface for me, too. This kind of issue that's a seemingly inconsistent behavior is obviously so frustrating... sigh.

@bumpaw, thank you for that. I am going to leave my client site and your site open in FF all day and see if it happens in one or both. I will definitely report back.

Report #1: I was already able to click around on my client's site and reproduce this issue. @bumpaw's test is still good so far.

@Renzy, is your fix still working?

@Po3t, do you get this issue with @bumpaw's test?

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Okay, I've got a FF window open with the issue happening on my dev and production sites, both. @bumpaw's site is still fine no matter what I do. So... perhaps this is an issue that was fixed in the dev version of the module? I wonder what the heck it is...

The only other thing I can think of to mention is that my homepage is in Panels. It's just a nodequeue block displayed in a pane. Nothing special there.

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To update on this issue:

So far my local development site is still displaying correctly with the view I changed to use image cache. I have had the browser open since last posting, and no images dropping out as yet. However, clearly the image cache is not the cause of this glitch, as others can reproduce it with an image cache used, and on my site, oddly I have another view using slideshow, that is NOT using image caches, and is working correctly - which is even more frustrating in it's lack of consistency.

Just to reiterate, I am now on 7.x-3.0+18-dev of views slideshow and all other modules and drupal up to date.

Also, i can correctly see @bumpaw's test site and the issue is not happening there at all in all my viewings.

I have also now discovered this error on viewing another client's post production site, and have changed that site to use an image cache, which has fixed it for now, but given @hanpersand's experience will continue to monitor this site as well.

So really no new information to offer here, cannot consistently reproduce this problem??

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same here. subscribing.

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So, @renzy, you've switched to the dev branch that @bumpaw's on? And you're not getting the error?
So... to me that suggests that the image cache/styles switch is a red herring, no? I see that you had the issue when you first switched to the dev branch. Is there a possibility that there was a cache issue that caused the problem to happen with the dev code installed? Perhaps the dev branch code is working? Because if you changed the imagecache/styles out and that fixed it, that would kick the old images out of the cache. And @bumpaw's is working. So... that's a theory to test.

It just so happens that the newest site I'm building started having this issue with its brand new homepage slideshow yesterday. So, it's very easy for me to switch out the main 7.x-3.0 branch to the 7.x-3.0+18-dev branch that @renzy and @bumpaw are using with seemingly better success.

So. I'm gonna switch my new dev site's Views Slideshow 7.x-3.0 version to 7.x-3.0+18-dev sometime today, and then report back.

Thanks to both of you!

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Subscribing. Same problem here.

I use Views Slideshow on several sites. Here is my latest: http://dev.theshopsatcanalplace.com/

At first, I thought it was a problem after login and possible a conflict with Drupal's built-in admin menu. Odd thing is it's very sporadic and definitely FireFox related.

Please let me know if there is something I can test. We need to find an answer!


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@hanpersand - i think the image cache issue is red herring, as it is not consistent.

Yes we need a clean install or upgrade to latest dev version again to test on Firefox and see result. We need it on a site that was previously experiencing the error on the latest stable release of slideshow, and then see if the error stops after dev version applied with no other changes.

Staying tuned...

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@schmook, of course, the issue is not happening for me on your dev site. I've clicked in and around and had your homepage open for over two hours. I see no missing slides. Hmm. This is frustrating.

Here's one of my sites that it's happening on: http://ccfc-dev.dbdes.net/

I'm a bit slower than I want to be on this... it may take me a few days to get to it. So if someone beats me to testing the production release vs. the dev code, please report back.

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hi guys,

@schmook - I have looked at your site and the home page slides ARE dropping out for me, the home left and right slides are disappearing sometimes one side, sometimes both. I am viewing on a Mac with FF 16.0.2.

I don't have any other sites that I can upload to the dev one now.

@schmook - if you have not already done so, maybe you can upgrade your dev shop site to the latest dev version of slideshow, let us know, then we can see if the slides are still dropping out? Make sure you don't make any other changes to the view at all, just the dev upgrade.

@hanpersand - can confirm that the slides are also dropping out for me on the site you posted, and nice use of the slideshow btw, I must learn how to use some of those fancier features with the pager - as soon as we get the dam thing to work consistently!!

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@Renzy, thank you.

So, I'm in current Firefox 16.0.2 on Windows 7. I've got FireBug, FireSASS, YSlow, CSSUpdater, and EventBug enabled for AddOns, and that's it.

@schmook's slides never dropped out for me. Not once all day. I kept it open all day. It made me want to go to NOLA. Aside from that problem, it looks fine.

So, I finally had a moment and just disabled Views Slideshow on http://ccfc-dev.dbdes.net/ , deleted it, Drushed in the current dev release, and re-enabled it.

I'm going to watch it for the next day to see if slides drop out. If anyone else wants to test it and let me know if slides disappear, please do. Thanks!

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@hanpersand - your site looks good to me so far, clicked around a bit, back to home page and no slides dropping out. perhaps dev version is the ticket?

Orkut Murat Yılmaz’s picture

I'll install the latest dev version soon. And I'm going to inform you about the result.

Orkut Murat Yılmaz’s picture

Well, it looks fine and working. Please install latest dev version.

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I'm running into the same thing as everyone else.

It still occurs with me using Views Slideshow/Cycle 7.x-3.0+18-dev, and I have tried everything mentioned above. I haven't been successful reproducing it either. Sometimes I can get it happen when I have multiple tabs (5 or 6) open on the same site, then log in and out a couple of times and it occurs sporadically. Once all but one slide drops (blank) the behavior spreads to all other open tabs and clearing cache is the only thing that brings them back.

hanpersand’s picture

I can now confirm that this issue's happening to me, and to my client, with the current dev release installed. My clients have no Add-ons in FF. It happens whether we're logged in or out, and is sporadic as @futureman describes.

I am actually going to try swapping out Views Slideshow for Flexslider until this is fixed.

I see evidence of this being reported over in Bugzilla, but... the threads are not real helpful and are "resolved":

I've tried googling

jquery cycle firefox "cannot be displayed because it contains errors"

to little avail.

What next? Anyone have any ideas?

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I am all out of options for what may cause this, and given my slideshows do currently seem to be working on my client sites, I am not going to continue to pursue this, but will keep following this thread, as it is critical that the source of this problem is tracked down, given Views Slideshow does seem to be the standard way of doing things now with jquery = all the other options that were floating around with Drupal 6 have been depreciated in favor of this module.

However, I am wondering if anyone else can confirm that this live site is not dropping out slides on the home page.



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feel more certain we are looking at a firefox problem here. My browser frequently crashes now and i get many unresponsive scripts messages as well...not happy with ff v 16 at all!

hanpersand’s picture

@Renzy, I kept your site open with multiple tabs for about 2.5 hours. I visited periodically and clicked around the site and then re-parked on your homepage. No slides have dropped out for me. I also see no errors on your homepage in the Firebug console, FWIW.

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I've noticed that it only seems to happen to me after I click around, hit the back button, to return to the slideshow once the entire slideshow has cycled once. Once it hits the first slide again on the cycle, it shows a blank for the second one, and only seems to display the first slide on the future cycles.

Renzy’s picture

@bigscotia10 - yes, this is exactly the behavior I have had too.
@hanpersand - thanks, does look all good now??

hanpersand’s picture

I tried hitting the back button specifically at @bigscotia's suggestion yesterday, with my own site and @Renzy's site open. I was unable to reproduce the issue on your site yesterday, @Renzy, or on my own site! Argh. I don't see that any code has changed, so I think it's just persnickety and doubt anything has changed. I am watching sites in FF closely and will report any more specific behavior that I notice.

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Thanks everyone for your time! My attention was diverted and my notifications stopped coming from drupal.org...I'm back, now that the site needs to go live!

@Renzy - latest dev version installed and caches cleared, just because...seems to be working, will keep an eye on it.

@hanpersand - your site hasn't dropped any frames for me - come to NOLA!

Looks like a FF on Mac problem?? Does anyone on Windows see the same issues? Of course, I just got a popup for FF 17!

I need to launch the site in the next few days...problem doesn't seem like a deal breaker as I think it's very specific to FF 16 on Mac. I have used Views Slideshow for quite some time and this site: http://www.keilsantiques.com/ plus others seem to be working.

Any thoughts?

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As far a I can tell, it is also present on Firefox 14 for Mac and version 11.0 and for Windows. It also seems to only happen on newer installs of views slideshow. All my older sites that have it seem to work fine. Very strange. I'm going to try and replicate the set up and config settings from a site that works and see what happens on the newer version.

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I was seeing this issue on my companies support site (http://support.objectivity.com/) but I seemed to have gotten rid of it (as far as I can tell). I am not sure exactly how but I did two things:

1. I changed the image formats from PNG to JPG
2. I compressed the images (by a lot)

I simply overrode the old images (SFTP). No other change was made.

Hope this helps some of you.

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We went live with a site that had this issue on our Dev box, and it seems fine on the live server. I think this may have been down to the server caching. I would try cloning your site on a different server if anyone is still having this issue, then testing it there. As far as I can tell, this issue is resolved for me.


Title: Views Slideshow only shows first slide in FireFox » Views Slideshow only shows first slide in IE, it shows all slides in FireFox

I am having the same issues using the Denitto Theme in Wordpress version 3.5. I only can view the first slide on the homepage. But if I change my CSS to display .fp-slides, it will tile all the pics vertically, but overlapping all other material on my website. How do I clean my cache in wordpress for this theme? How can I fix this issue? Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Status: Active » Closed (outdated)