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MD5: 5f469f1776363f7735ab85582f6052e6
SHA-1: 55b867e01e545b9e61f619f67fae04a9b32f88f4
SHA-256: 9c4586ecc032bb0fb156c35ccded4c62048bee82c7b7fc7cbe8a3956727f15d8
Download feeds-7.x-2.0-alpha6.zipzip 817.88 KB
MD5: fcda8bc2db7870f1b9108cbc4dfd9f63
SHA-1: 6c0ad292a57c59df29dd549c9e3b56a15919390d
SHA-256: 579c255a0b99a4d6b07f6ae39f26649de7d1ba7aee4d93fe91b079734dd28828
Install with Composer: $ composer require 'drupal/feeds:^2.0'
Using Composer to manage Drupal site dependencies

Release info

Created by: twistor
Created on: 10 Oct 2012 at 06:39 UTC
Last updated: 17 Jun 2015 at 15:26 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x

Release notes

The big news is:

  • new configuration api/UI for mappers
  • path alias target support
  • ability to reset locked imports
  • you can now force imports to update

#1567508: User import is incorrectly changing passwords
#837922: add removeMappings() to test suite and more extensive addMapping testing
#1074520: Commit #783098 not included in 7.x-2.0-alpha3
#1191498: Set drupal_set_message to not repeat 'Missing Feeds plugin...'
#1420360: Common Syndication Parser sometimes creates php warning when feed item title is empty
#1728634: User and node "created" dates (from feeds_to_unixtime()) default to the wrong timezone
#1466170: Text format support in taxonomy term fields
#1551852: Text field mapper: support for FeedsElement object
#1715124: feeds_importer "config" column to short - change size to big
#1784436: FeedsTermProcessor existingEntityId doesn't honour id column in feeds_item
#1792318: Invalid multibyte sequence in tests/feeds.test
#1364116: Option to skip hash check on re-import
#1410296: Reorder mappings
#860748: Config for mappers?
#1724200: Support for drupal_http_request() timeout
#1736976: Trim feed urls to remove accidental spaces
#1110762: Feeds does not catch file exceptions properly in file mapper and getFile() function
#1742740: Add magic method __isset() to FeedsConfigurable to use default entity wrapping
#1739704: Node lookup by title in Nodeprocessor does not respect nodetype
#1690434: Notice: Undefined variable: job in FeedsSource->scheduleClear() (line 319 of sites/all/modules/feeds/includes/
#1703074: Include parser result in hook_feeds_presave
#1070604: Feed's nid in mappings
#1300500: Not loading node status in is causing issue with Content Access module
#1112876: Support digest auth
#1688294: Invalid URL (even though it's valid)
#1402788: All files are imported as MIME application/octet-stream
#1271502: Notice: Undefined index: FeedsXPathParserXML in FeedsSource->getConfigFor() when running cron
#1460282: Call to undefined method FeedsMissingPlugin::entityType()
#1661014: feeds_entity_load() called too often / is not cached.
#1665450: Path alias target when using pathauto
#1044874: Debug message: missing handler: feeds_log feed_nid field
#1424992: Add implementation of hook_entity_info_alter() so that $node->feed_nid is available to Rules
#1662550: Invoke hook_feeds_after_import after writing to the logs
#1241754: Add targets for author name and email in node processor.
#1454666: Add tool to reset locked feeds
#1612246: Invalid enclosure on image import due to code error
#1632286: Cannot redeclare FeedsTermProcessor::setTargetElement()
#1001590: Path alias mapping target
#1345570: Link url mapping not working
#1182462: Link mapper does not set a real_target
#1181092: Link Mapper field name problem - Title overwrites url
#1056280: Missing text format: 0.
#1502988: Change module implementation order of hook_feeds_processor_targets_alter()?


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