When viewing the event detail for a recurring event, the "When" list of dates shows the first 5 occurrences for that event within the system rather than showing the next 5 occurrences.

For example, I created a weekly event whose first occurrence was 15-Sept. When viewing the event today (3-Oct), the dates shown are: 15-Sept, 22-Sept, 29-Sept, 6-Oct, 13-Oct (the first 5 occurrences of the event).

When viewing that event today (3-Oct), the dates shown should be: 6-Oct, 13-Oct, 20-Oct, 27-Oct, 3-Nov (the next 5 occurrences)

(See attached screenshot)

RecurringEventShowingOldDates.png95.72 KBhedgehogjim
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Sorry to be a "nudge" but this issue is becoming a real problem for us ... is there any projection for when this will be addressed?


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Status: Active » Needs work

OK I am going to take a look at this and see if it's just some configuration setting in the view that need to be adjusted.

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OK I see, this is a different issue than the calendar issue.

It looks like we'll have to use a custom field or something, bc the default field doesn't give options for only future dates.

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OK I had to replace the When field with a block view that is able to filter out old events. It looks pretty much the same and seems to work well.

I have updated 1x dev just now. I want to do a full end to end upgrade test and full install test before pushing out a stable release. You will have to revert the OpenChurch Events feature to apply the changes.

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Had to fix some bugs in 1x dev this morning, I think I have the issue fixed. Can hopefully run out a stable release today if I can do some more end to end tests.

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The full install worked this time, just need to test upgrade.

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It's great to hear that you have the fix in the code.

Any idea when you'll be able to roll it out the upgrade?


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Status: Needs work » Needs review

Actually this is already rolled out. I think you need to revert the event feature (be sure to back up your db first).

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Ah ... I see, that's a rookie mistake on my part.

Just to clarify that I understand why I'm not seeing the fix...

I've made some change to the Event feature w/in my site so as a result, I'm not seeing the changes that you've made to the Event site in the OC code.

So reverting will switch my site to using the OC Event version.

Is that correct?

Thanks again for all you do.

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If you take a look at the README.txt:

"Upgrading to 7.x-1.11-beta4:
1. Run /update.php or 'drush updatedb' (VERY IMPORTANT)
2. Clear all caches (From performance page at /admin/config/development/performance or use 'drush cc all')
3. Revert the OpenChurch Event feature at /admin/structure/features/openchurch_events - this will update the event detail page to include
a new field for event dates that does not include past dates."

All you need to do is revert the OpenChurch Events feature. If you've made changes it's possible you might have to remake those changes. That's why its good that you have a dev site to try these things out.

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Status: Needs review » Closed (fixed)