I am building a site which has Domain Access module.

By default, when you turn it on for content type, you get an extra field in content type for selecting the domain on which certain node should be shown.

I'm trying to do the same functionality for Block types. I started doing this by myself, but I'm not so good in writing modules to finish the job.

Anyone else had the same problem and would like to help me out?


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The easiest way to add functionality to all blocks is by altering the bean form then invoking hook_bean_submit($form, $form_state).

A module to add domain functionality "bean_domain" would be a great idea.

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Sorry to bump this old issue but has anyone had any luck on this? korius_bk, I'd like to see what you started if possible before rolling my own.

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No, I haven't started with anything at that time. The project I needed that for was on a very short timeline, so we didn't decide to go for that.

But I still think something like this would be useful, because I will soon be doing another project with Domain Access and I use Bean very often lately, so this two should be working together.

If you're interested, we can start working on it or if you already started, I can help you.

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I'd surely welcome it since the Bean support by Domain Access Entity is quite poor to say the least.