The latest commit to 7.x-2.x happened roughly a year ago. Are there plans to provide further updates to this module or is this on the brink of being abandoned? Not trying to sound unthankful, just trying to get an idea of the current status. :-)

Thank you!


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Not an answer, but I wish I could edit the Related Projects block on this module's Project page, and insert Administration Menu, which is a wonderfully-maintained module that is quite similar to this one.

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Yes, admin_menu is nice, too. But I *really* love the vertical slide-in navigation bar admin provides, with all its simplicity and the ability to hide the sidebar. For some reason, I really prefer this approach. It's perfect for the endusers.

I would go as far as offering a little bit of funding for a maintenance release, I'm sure others would chip-in, too. Am I right? :)

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I also prefer this module. I've tried to contact module's author but no response.

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In my opinion, Mobile Friendly Navigation Toolbar seems to be the best contender on the whole topic of editor-friendly navigation – being part of the Spark project which somehow exists between Drupal 8 and 7 and is backed by Aquia.

The current version is still changing a lot, hope this to be more stable later on – it's pretty smooth when it's working + responsive.