What I'm basically wanting to do, is add a text form to the who search system, so each search will consist of start date, nights, children, adults, smoking, and then a separate "search" field, which will filter the results further by words existing in the title/body of the hotels...

This is essentially a request for a way to combine UC hotels "date" search with the built in "words" search. Or, atleast adding a text field that requires specific input (e.g. only working under the insertion of SPECIFIC phrases, like town, city or country names).

Many hotel booking websites offer this functionality, and I would definitely like to add the same.
The site needs to be finished ASAP, so quick replies would be great.



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Title: Filter Results by keywords! Urgent! » Filter Results by keywords
Priority: Critical » Normal

Feature requests are never critical.
You will need a custom module to achieve this.
It will need to implement hook_form_alter to add the text field to the search form and hook_hotel_booking_available_rooms_alter to intercept and filter the search results accordingly.

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Sorry if I miss-used the "critical" tag; I merely wanted to make sure it was seem to be very urgent, as everyday this goes undone results in significant loss of earnings.

This seems like some good advice thank you, but I am not sure I know quite enough about drupal modules to be able to do this (although im trying to learn).

Any and all extra advice or directions to somewhere that can help would be great thanks!