After I installed plupload-7.x-1.0 (in addition to media-7.x-1.2) nothing changed regarding media's file-upload dialog. According to the status report the plupload-1.5.4 is found by the integration module. I also couldn't find any additional instructions to enable the integration in media nor any related settings.

Is the plupload integration supposed to be working in media-1.2? If not you should clarify that on the module-page. If it is supposed to work: how?

Thanks in advance for clearing things up.


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#1599892: Plupload integration broken
I am not sure if plupload was ever intended to work with the 1x branch in the first place. At least for 2x, the branch were the big development happens, it is broken.

edit: looking at #1356760: Plupload: Forward medias filesize limit value to plupload it seems it was intended to work with the 1x branch.

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How can this be a duplicate of a bug report that is about a regression in the 2.x-branch?

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I set the status before discovering thst plupload once was planned in 1x. I haven't used 1x in a long, long time so I cannot tell if this feature was ever working in 1x or a feature backported from 2x. Feel free to reset it if you have better insight in this.

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I think it's pretty clear: Currently the plupload integration does not seem to work with 1.x - there seems to be code for it though as a simple grep 'plupload' -R reveals. So there is two options:

  1. State on the module page that plupload integration only works with 2.x and remove all dead code from the 1.x branch.
  2. Fix the plupload support for 1.x and put links to the issues on the module page.

In either case the module page should reflect the current state of the plupload support.

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There is indeed code for plupload in the 1.x branch.