Blocks administration page is destroyed after enabling Modal forms module, showing all blocks as disabled, except
Navigation (module: user) and User login (module: user) , that show up as beeing in the "Content" region, even if they are not actually in there. More than this, the options for the regions are limited to "Content" and " none ".

#4 modal_forms_block_admin_1786072_4.patch1.41 KBdalin
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After further review, i see the issue described above happens when there is a specific administration theme set up. So the blocks page display just that administration theme's blocks configuration, regardless clicking links for other themes blocks page configuration.

After disabling Modal forms module, everything goes back to normal.

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Could you let me know which theme you are using and perhaps add a screenshot

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I have the same issue using RootCandy admin theme. The issue appears to be related to hook_init and not returning when on admin urls.

For some reason I can't create a patch, but here's my code to fix it. First check if _modal_forms_doheader returns true and if not return:

function modal_forms_init() {
  // These function calls must be made in this order.
  // If not the modal js code will not be loaded correctly.
  if(!_modal_forms_doheader()) {

and then in _modal_forms_doheader be sure to return true:

  if (variable_get('modal_forms_contact', 0)) {
    drupal_add_js($path . '/js/modal_forms_contact.js');

  $already_added = TRUE;
  return true; //added
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Component: User interface » Code
Priority: Normal » Critical
Status: Active » Needs review
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Marking as critical since this can result in data loss if someone saves the block admin page while the page is in this broken state.

My problem was actually two-fold. I was dealing with the issue described in #3. But there was an additional problem where a WYSIWYG had mangled the "Deactivate modal forms on specific pages" field at /admin/settings/modal_forms (wrapping in p tags and replacing line breaks with spaces). So for other people dealing with this, be sure to check that as well.

Patch attached that instead moves the ctools calls to the bottom of _modal_forms_doheader() (Since we those are mandatory to make the whole thing work).

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It was user cluke009 that committed the D6 version but noting has happened after the first commit. If anyone is interested in taking over the D6 branch please let my know.

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i had this issue and just find the cause trouble : modal_forms on D6 multisite.
thanks for the patch.