The FileField Sources "Paste from Clipboard" implements support for all the browsers that support event.clipboardData and Firefox (due to a convenient behavior it has when pasting images).

Currently browser support includes:

- Firefox 4.0 and higher
- Chrome 21 and higher

It does not include support for:
- Any versions of IE
- Any versions of Opera
- Any versions of Safari

So as you can see the browser support is quite limited. However, the JavaScript is written by the standard of W3C Clipboard support, so more browsers are likely to support this option in the future. Assuming they implement the standard in the same way, browser support should become automatic as browsers improve.


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Glad it is FF and Chrome as most dev use this 2 anyway :)

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Is this updated for mid-2013? Newer IEs (esp. IE10) are supposed to have partial or full support for event.clipboardData IIRC.

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Elaborating on future support.