I have noted similar requests/issues posted previously

Can you incorporate settings height/width, align and auto play to be hidden from users. Ideally this would be permissions based to enable some granularity.

I assume the only way to achieve this at the moment is to override a theme function? (I have not looked into this as yet, in case there is a way I have overlooked).



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I´m interested to solve this too. I think it's a capability reasonable for improve the module.
Hope somebody tell us how to take defaults and hide this fields (maybe programatically?).

Thanks in advance.

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Well, finally I modified "video_filter_field.module" in order to hide these fields, but with content. I turn to "hidden" these type fields and assign my value. Hope you find this useful. It´s not for video_filter, it´s video_filter_field.

$element['height'] = array(
      '#type' => 'hidden',
      '#title' => t('Height'),
      '#default_value' => isset($items[$delta]['height']) ? 
                          $items[$delta]['height'] : 500,
      '#weight' => 1,
      ) + $base;
    $element['width'] = array(
      '#type' => 'hidden',
      '#title' => t('Width'),
      '#default_value' => isset($items[$delta]['width']) ? 
                          $items[$delta]['width'] : 500,
      '#weight' => 2,
    ) + $base;
    $element['autoplay'] = array(
      '#type' => 'hidden',
      '#title' => t('Autoplay'),
      '#default_value' => isset($items[$delta]['autoplay']) ? 
                          $items[$delta]['autoplay'] : FALSE,
      '#weight' => 3,


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A HUGE +1 on this one. After installing and enabling this module, then setting defaults for those fields, I was surprised when they showed in the popup for embedding the video. I don't want my (inexperienced) users setting height/width and possibly breaking my theme. And I certainly don't want anyone to be able to set autoplay (something I absolutely loathe in other sites and refuse to allow in my sites).

And, since this topic already has references to hiding those fields, I'll add this here as well...

I tried using the themekey module to ensure that the popup window would be using my site's theme so that I could then use CSS to hide the fields in question. But no matter what I did, the popup always used my admin theme. Why is that? And how to fix it?

[Setting status to "MAJOR", because I think this is a MAJOR issue. The only work-around cited above is to hack the code - which is a Drupal no-no.]

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Great suggestion! Please provide patches. I will look more into this for 8.x-1.x version and also I am willing to review and apply patches you provide for D7 version.
Please update this issue if you think this is still important for your projects.

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What about using the 'Limited html filter' to change the appropriate options depending on what's configured?

<iframe src height width allowfullscreen frameborder scrolling>