The map classes will track last-imported times on a per-row basis if you set trackLastImported, but there's no method to do so. Add a setter, or perhaps an options argument to the constructor...



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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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I know there is the ability to now set the option in the constructor, but can a getter and setter please be added aswell. I have a use for it.

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Echoing #3 --

I ran into the case of using migrate_d2d, which happens to handle constructing the MigrateSQLMap object without giving the calling code any way to pass $options['track_last_imported'] to the constructor.

I realize another solution could be patching migrate_d2d to add in that option, but patching Migrate to add a getter and setter seems more flexible -- unless there is some reason why allowing that setting to be changed could be problematic? The only potential issue I could see would be changing that value would lead to creating inconsistent data (i.e. some rows would have the timestamp, and others wouldn't)...but I think that could happen already by changing that option passed into the constructor?

Anyhow, if this makes sense, patch is attached.

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Please don't tack on to a long-closed issue, open a fresh issue.

Restoring the original issue's state.

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Ah, sorry. I was aiming not to duplicate issues. I've moved my request to #2353527: Add getter and setter methods for trackLastImported.