According to the terms of using yellowicon licenses, they don't seem to be GPL these images don't seem to be compatible with the GPL.

There are two possible solutions I can think of:

1) use and enhance the lullacons so they will work:
2) request that users download the icons directly


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Hi, I contacted and they say:

"Only the Crystal Icons can be used commercially, the others icons are only for personal use. The Crystal Icons are released under LGPL license and although we would prefer for them to be used only on non-commercial application the license allow the sets to be used in both cases (commercial and non-commercial purposes)."


"We just would like to kindly request to you to include links to and as a way to give the rights credits to the creator. We would also like to you to include the information that some of the icons have been modified."

I don't know if this is enough for the license issue..

If I'll have to remove the icons I'll do that... maybe I'll implement a "Themable" system and allow a downloadable icons-pack from other sources for the icons...

Let me know..

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I think that at least you'll need to link to a public version of that information so that others can verify your statement clearly. It's not a lack of trust, just that we need things like this in public to be close to legal.

Also, LGPL require the "source" to come along, so any files they've used to build these will need to be publicly available.

Even so, I'm not sure that these need to be in the cvs repository. Can't people just download them directly?’s picture

I believe the cleanest solution will be to remove the icons and ask people to download them themselves.

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I'll implement soon the "themmable" feature, that will allow users to upload their iconset. I'd like to know how can I "edit" the release to remove the icons.. Have I to remove from CVS and it will be sync by Drupal?

Let me know, and than kyou for you comments! :)

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@thePanz - yes, just remove them from cvs and Drupal's packaging script will sync up the files. You can mark this issue "fixed" once you have deleted the files from cvs.

Note that the old revisions of your files will still be in cvs - but as long as they are removed in the latest revision that's good enough (at least for now).

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Status: Active » Fixed

I removed them from CVS, I'll hope to re-insert only the directory (maybe empty) as a placeholder for downloaded icons...

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I removed Crystal Clear icons from Module, now "??" icon is displayed instead.

My Admin-Pack Icons are available for download in my Blog-post: (in English and Italian language)!