I installed the latest version of ckeditor standalone module for drupal 6 with video filter module and I made the configuration like the Readme.txt and the video button appears in the editor and everything is OK but when you click on the video button the dialog box you insert the video url in is not working.

It is not affected by the jquery event on it. it submits the form instead of inserting the video code in the editor.

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I am also seeing the same behavior, clicking on the Insert button does not insert it in the wysiwyg - instead it just submits the form there itself.

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We also experience the same issue. Clicking Insert doesn't take effect.

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Version: 6.x-3.0 » 7.x-3.1

I can confirm the same behavior using the latest versions of D7(7.22), CKEditor(7.x-1.13) and Video Filter(7.x-3.1).

After making the adjustments (video_filter/editors/ckeditor/README.txt) to allow the module/plugin to work under CKEditor, clicking the 'Video Filter' button in the WYSIWYG brings up the insert dialog but pressing insert (or cancel) equates to no action. It doesn't insert the code.

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(...) using the latest versions of D7(7.22), CKEditor(7.x-1.13) and Video Filter(7.x-3.1). (...)

me too, using them.

it "works" (but 1 issue (?) opened by me: Administration Theme / Overlay / own site theme ) .. so i can use it functionally AFTER had a look to this issue: Strict Warning Message)

i am answering cause using same versions.

Or ... by having other problems before, i am using (this case) not CKeditor Version 4.x, made a downgrade to Version

Also copying all of folder "sites\all\modules\video_filter\editors\ckeditor" ... to ... "sites\all\modules\ckeditor\plugins\video_filter"

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Patch that adds hook_ckeditor_plugin() for the standalone CKEditor module. Also removed the README.txt file for that, since it's no longer needed

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I haven't tested directly your patch, but I used hook_ckeditor_plugin like you did, which actually forces Ckeditor to detect the plugin. I believe this should be committed. Thanks for the tip by the way.

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@Mark Carver - thx for the tip

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This same behavior, where the video filter dialog doesn't actually insert the shortcode into the editor, is also happening with WYSIWYG

This is the configuration:

WYSIWYG 7.x-2.2+23-dev using CKEditor
Video Filter 7.x-3.1+3-dev

Also this module is in place which seems to also optimize admin pages: Advanced CSS/JS Aggregation 7.x-2.0.

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