The following text in profiles/openchurch/themes/openchurch_mm/css/openchurch-features.css seems to make it impossible to click on the "prev" and "next" pager links in the calendar view:

 .openchurch-events-calendar .date-nav-wrapper .date-heading {
    z-index: 500;

I assume this raises the heading so that it "covers up" the pager. This code doesn't appear in the default theme. Maybe it has some other purpose that I don't understand?

I'm using a clone of the mix-and-match openchurch theme as a starting point for my own theme. Hopefully I'm doing this right. Removing the above text in my sub-theme's equivalent file makes the pager work. This behavior may be browser-dependent. I'm using firefox 13.0.1 on linux.


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Oh okay, I will take a look. I thought the z-index was originally to fix the calendar navigation in the first place.

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Ya I need to fix this, also having some spacing issues

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I removed the z-index issue as it doesn't look like it's necessary any more. Also I fixed the spacing around the main content area.

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Pushed to Pushed to 7.x-1.11-alpha3

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.