After updating to the latest tinyMCE the settings for the path / statusbar (usually at the bottom of the editor) are ignored.

This is because the name of the option has changed in tinyMCE. Was "theme_advanced_path_location" is now "theme_advanced_statusbar_location"


As stated there:

Note: same behaviour with (undescribed) option theme_advanced_path_location, most likely the old name of same option?

It seems that the old name is now completely removed. So wysiwygAPI can't use the old version for this setting in function wysiwyg_tinymce_settings()any more.

Sending patch after I got an issue number.

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I guess the path option would be needed for TinyMCE 2 then. We probably can punt on that, but if we do, I think we should at least add an short inline comment that the setting was renamed.

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Can we make it dependent on the version? Like that?

  //There are different setting option names for the same function in different version.
  //So get the right name dependent on the version.
  $version = wysiwyg_tinymce_version(wysiwyg_tinymce_editor());
  if ($version[1] == 2) {
    $statusbar_setting_name = 'theme_advanced_path_location';
  } else {
    $statusbar_setting_name = 'theme_advanced_statusbar_location';
  // Add theme-specific settings.
  switch ($theme) {
    case 'advanced':
      $settings += array(
       //... some settings...

        $statusbar_setting_name => isset($config['path_loc']) ? $config['path_loc'] : 'bottom',

        'theme_advanced_resizing' => isset($config['resizing']) ? $config['resizing'] : 1,
       // ...more settings ...
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I checked the tinyMCE changelog:

Renamed the theme_advanced_path_location to theme_advanced_statusbar_location.

This change was introduced in Version 2.0RC1 (2005-09-06). Do we need to support such an old version?

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Title: Settings for the path / status bar are ignored. » Path/statusbar location setting has no effect in TinyMCE
Status: Needs review » Fixed

oh wow.

Thanks for reporting, reviewing, and testing! Committed to all 2.x branches.

A new development snapshot will be available within the next 12 hours. This improvement will be available in the next official release.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.