This patch adds two features and fixes one bug that widen the range of ways third party modules can integrate with Scheduler;

  • Implementations of hook_scheduler_api() can now receive $node by reference.
  • hook_scheduler_api() is now also invoked before publishing and unpublishing with "pre_publish" and "pre_unpublish" actions respectively.
  • BUG: The $node object still has publish_on and unpublish_on properties when actions_do() is called. This causes the value to be saved to the database again if any module that does an asynchronous node_save() with the $node object.

These API features are useful and/or required by Scheduler Workbench Integration module to effectively integrate Scheduler with Workbench Moderation module. Specifically;

  • scheduler_workbench_scheduler_api() can trigger moderation-state changes via the $node->workbench_moderation_state_new property, which is more reliable, thorough and efficient than calling workbench_moderation_moderate() after the node is already published by scheduler. It also means that the node only passes through one moderation state transition instead of two.
  • Workbench Moderation has a drupal_register_shutdown_function()-callback which node_save()s as drupal shuts down, restoring publish_on and unpublish_on dates to the scheduler table.

Related patch for Scheduler Workbench Integration module; #1660252: Publishing transitions twice through draft

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This patch does not fix the bug in the case where both the publish and unpublish events for a node happen on the same cron run. I can not think of a fix for that scenario that is sufficiently unhacky to be worth contributing, without overhauling scheduler_cron().

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This patch fixed an issue for me where the workbench state wasn't being set correctly on with scheduler_workbench

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+1 for getting this committed.

one comment:

function _scheduler_scheduler_api(&$node, $action) {

objects are always passed by reference so the "&" is not needed

repost with those lines removed:

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Status: Needs review » Reviewed & tested by the community
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The patch in #4 wouldn't apply for me. Kept telling me it was corrupt.

I've just rerolled it as is to try to fix that.

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Rerolled patch to latest dev and improved documentation.

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I'm slightly confused by the comment in #4. It was stated that & is not needed and then it's still in the patch.

Otherwise it looks good and will be committed once we can get clarification on this point.

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@rickmanelius, that comment was about this hunk in the patch in #1. It was removed in #4 and subsequent patches:

@@ -901,7 +909,7 @@ function _scheduler_lightweight_cron() {
  * @param $action
  *  The action being performed, either "publish" or "unpublish"
-function _scheduler_scheduler_api($node, $action) {
+function _scheduler_scheduler_api(&$node, $action) {
   foreach (module_implements('scheduler_api') as $module) {
     $function = $module . '_scheduler_api';
     $function($node, $action);
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@pfrenssen Dreditor must have been playing tricks on me because I can see the difference now. I'll get this applied tonight.

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Status: Reviewed & tested by the community » Fixed

Just committed #6. Thanks to everyone for their help in creating/reviewing this patch.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Adding reference to the patch that requires this