I installed Tweetbutton and tried to set up the tweet text to be "[node:title] | [site:name]" but now my site is stuck. I can't add any new nodes and can't change my tweetbutton fields. I get an error message: "Tweet text cannot be longer than 32 characters but is currently [x] characters."

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I see this problem in my site as well. I've been searching for a fix for a few days. Anyone else run into this?

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  \sites\all\modules\tweetbutton\tweetbutton.install (1 hits)
	Line 18:           'length' => 32,  
  \sites\all\modules\tweetbutton\tweetbutton.module (1 hits)
	Line 114:     '#maxlength' => 32,

change 32 to 140. it works for me

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The patch, based on Stakcreativa's comment is attached, please review. Cheers!

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I have reviewed the patch and implemented it on 2 sites, which fixed the 32 character max string length. It worked fine on both sites and I have yet to see an issue arise.

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Status: Reviewed & tested by the community » Needs work

the patch looks fine at first glance but without hook_update_N() the problem will only be fixed for new installations, not for sites already using an older version.

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You can change the values from phpMyAdmin to tables "field_data_field_tweet_basic" and "field_revision_field_tweet_basic" like in the attachment.

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I attempted to change the values in phpMyAdmin from 32 to 140, but that had no impact on getting the original error message.

In addition, I'm finding that this problem is preventing us from editing any existing content on our site. When I try to edit page content on pages with titles that are more than 32 characters, this error prevents the saving of any edits. This is a very critical problem that is forcing me to disable the Tweet Button module until it is resolved.

I wish the Drupal 7 version of this module worked the same way as the Drupal 6 version.

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For the current stable version (7.x-2.0-beta1+1-dev), you can simply fix this issue:

Edit tweetbutton.module file at line 114 replace "'#maxlength' => 32," with "'#maxlength' => 128,"

(field_tweet_button_text database field has VARCHAR(128) by default)

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I have changed the maxlength for the form elements to fix this issue.

As install file has been written correctly, no need the patch that file. Update the maxlength for the field 'account' (tweetbutton_field_widget_form) as 32 and 'text' as 128.

This solved my issue.

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I am updating with a minimized patch file.

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Updating again by keeping only relevant patch for this issue.

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Works for me.

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Updating with a patch which path changed.

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test please ignore

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Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.