What are your plans for the Dashboard? I was looking at the Julio distro and it replaces the normal toolbar menu with another menu. This other menu provides one option to see an Administrative Dashboard. In this dashboard, it lists various items, such as recent users, content, search terms (I think. I am going by memory.).

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Do you mean - http://drupal.org/project/julio?

Do you know what modules they are using? He might be using Workbench for the dashboard. As for the menu, I have the admin module and admin menu disabled by default, both of those give you different administrative menus.

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Yes, that is the one.

It is not using any extra modules (that I can think of) to handle the dashboard. It uses a standard drupal menu to link to the dashboard. It then adds blocks within the dashboard to view different aspects pf the install. It also provide another menu for some administrative tasks.

It basically reduces the administrative options visible to the site administrator. I am not saying the way the Julio distro handles it is correct for OpenChurch. I just thought it would be something to look at for OpenChurch.

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Can you show me a screenshot?

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Here are a couple of screen shots showing the Admin Dashboard. Also, the install file lists several items that are added to this dashboard during the install. Here is a list of those items.

  • Dashboard Sidebar
    • Menu - menu-julio-new-content
    • Menu - menu-julio-new-group
    • Menu - menu-julio-admin-quick-links
    • Search
  • Dashboard Main
    • View - julio_admin_content_list-block
    • View - julio_admin_content_list-block_1
    • View - julio_admin_user_list-block
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Oh okay, that looks good. Maybe you could put together like an openchurch_dashboard or openchurch_admin feature that loads up the admin dashboard with a lot of the links you think would be helpful for editors/admins?

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I'll look into it and get back with you.

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Do you have any ideas on how to add items shown in the dashboard into a Feature?

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Sorry I haven't had time to look at this yet, I will try to look into notes later this week.

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Sorry this has been on hold indefinitely, yes we want to figure out how to export dashboard settings into an openchurch_dashboard feature.

Did you inspect the julio install profile for something like this?

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This is a great idea but I need someone to take the ball and run with it. Someone needs to figure out how to export this to features and submit as a patch.

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I have tried to create the following patch.

This patch includes a new context for the dashboard, two new menus assigned to the dashboard context. The first menu is a group of quick admin links to make changes to the site. The second menu includes links to create a basic page and to create a webform. I chose these two content items as they were included within the default feature set.

Let me know if the patch works as this is the first time I have created one.


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Excellent I will give it a try!

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Going to kill this feature as I don't think we need it