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As news writer I want to be able to add fact boxes to news articles. Fact boxes should contain a title and plain text only. An article should be able to have multiple fact boxes, but each fact box should belong to only one article. Fact boxes are important since they allow me to add valuable site information to articles without weighing down the article body with details.

How to demo

  1. Log in to the site as writer.
  2. Create a new fact box. Enter title and text. Verify that you must select an article the fact box belongs to in order to be allowed to save.

Note that this user story does not contain any functionality for viewing the fact box with the articles – only to create fact boxes.


  • At least one news article created on the site (see previous exercise).
  • The Entity reference module should be downloaded and installed. (Alternatively, the References or Relation module could be used.)

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