We saw that people experienced difficulty with the authoring date field, they were initially unable to fill in a valid author date. It occasionally took more than two tries to create a valid date field. It looked like most of this came from the fact that the example is rather long and perhaps cryptic.

Another issue we saw, is that people were wondering if they could give it a date set in the future to only show the article on a future date.

There are several ways we could solve the first issue, from pre-filling it with a date to making use of the new HTML5 date/time field.


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If a date popup works we should probably wait for the html5 date elements to get in

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This can be as simple as the diff between the 2 patches in #117 and #122 from #507502: (needs documentation) Provide Locale support for jQuery UI. Originally added by sun to be able to manually test that issue. But the date picker leaves out the time part.

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HTML5 field it is :)