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The Legal module lists your Terms & Conditions (T&C) of service. Once enabled for the appropriate User role(s) the T&C appear at the bottom of the User registration page, and must be accepted to access the site. Every time T&C are updated users will need to accept them at next log in (as with updated EULAs). Having T&C is viewed as an Internet best practice and can potentially reduce liability and better inform users.

The following documentation was written to explain how to configure and install Legal as part of a Community Media installation. The existing Legal Documentation by dtrack contains extra useful information.

Enabling Legal

  1. Navigate to Administer > Modules
  2. Select Legal in the Other block
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Configuration

Configuring Legal

  1. Navigate to Administer > People and click Permissions tab
  2. Scroll to Legal and select which roles can "View Terms and Conditions" - this will primarily be your members

Remember to update your Permissions settings as you add extra Roles.

Navigate to Administer > Configuration and in the PEOPLE block click Legal

The first field is a preview of the current T&C so it will be empty.

Enter your T&C information in the second field on the page

Click Additional Textboxes to enter further information. Each extra Label field you enter text into will appear as a separate checkbox item on the User's T&C agreement. In the example screenshot two extra labels were used.

Legal Appearance

Click Explain Changes to record revision information for each update you make.


If a user has not checked the box for "Accept Terms & Conditions of Use " strange behaviors will result. One of which is that if the personal contact form is enabled for that user anyone trying to use it will get an access denied message.

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