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Last updated: April 25, 2012 - 16:16

Release notes

See also SA-CONTRIB-2012-063 - RealName - Cross Site Scripting (XSS).

Changes since 6.x-1.4:

  • Fixed tokens output unescaped data. Added alternate raw versions of the tokens for unescaped data.
  • Fixing unescaped user names in page titles and autocomplete callbacks.
  • Re-backport drupal_static() and namespace as realname_static().
  • #1170180: Fixed PHP notice in realname_username().
  • #1276980 by hefox, Dave Reid: Remove call to eval() and replace with backported drupal_array_set_nested_value().
  • #1070102 by Dave Reid: Fixed regression with user picture not being overridden.
  • #1067836 by fivefrank: Fixed PostgreSQL does not like ORDER BY conditions used in count queries.
  • Removing translation files and template. Use now.
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