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The PBCore module defines fields for any content type based on the PBCore metadata standards for audiovisual media maintained by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. It was originally developed as part of the Knight Foundation funded Open Media Project and continues to be maintained through the collaboration of several Community Media organizations.

PBCore provides a rich set of descriptors for radio and television programs, providing Language, Rating, and Genre vocabularies.

PBCore: Custom Names

Steps to customized Language, Rating, and Genre select lists:

  • As soon as the PBCore Custom Names module is enabled, all terms in the select list are disabled
  • To selectively enable terms, go to Admin -> Configure -> PBCore
  • Click on the Search tab
  • Find the terms you want to enable
  • Open them in a new browser tab
  • Click Edit
  • Check the enable checkbox
  • Customized the name (optional)
  • Save

The item will now appear in the select list EVERYWHERE that field is used.

Adding PBCore to Show Content Type

In order to use the field once activated as above, the field must be added to at least one Content Type. One of the most useful applications for the PBCore module is to add the fields for Genre, Language and Rating to the Community Media Show content type.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Select: Add an existing field and choose each field_pbcore_fcc_ratings, field_pbcore_genres, field_pbcore_languages. This should create 3 new fields on your Show.

Adding additional values the XML export

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