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PBCore is a metadata standard for audiovisual media maintained by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. It provides a rich set of descriptors for radio and television programs, in both analog and digital formats. This module adds Language, Rating, and Genre vocabularies, populates the terms, and defines fields that can be used on any content type.

"Beardcast" #2: Adding Customized PBCore Field to Community Media Show w/ a REALLY Long Goatee

This project contains 2 modules:

  • PBCore - Defines genre, rating, and language as Taxonomies and populates them with the official PBCore values. Defines a field for each Vocabulary. Includes a base PBCore XML template.
  • PBCore Custom Names - Allows the enabling/disabling and altering the names of terms in the UI. A common use is to limit the languages so that users don't see options like English - Middle Ages... unless of course you are cataloging the library of a Tolken fan. In that case, you might change English - Middle Ages to appear as Lord of the Ringlish. A more practical example of using a customized name is changing gay/lesbian to GLBTQ.

The PBCore module includes a tpl for its XML output. This allows you to add additional fields and customize the XML by moving it from pbcore/templates directory to your theme's templates directory. If you do customize the XML, PLEASE validate using PBCore Validator.

Discussions that influenced the features of this module:

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