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Additionally to following the PSR-4 namespace rules, automated test classes need to be defined inside the Tests namespace of a module, e.g. Drupal\tracker\Tests.

The common base test classes provided by Simpletest have been renamed, DrupalWebTestCase to Drupal\simpletest\WebTestBase and DrupalUnitTestCase to Drupal\simpletest\UnitTestBase.

The following test class specific additions/exceptions to the general class naming rules have been defined:

  • Test classes should always have the suffix "Test".
  • Test classes should use the "TestBase" suffix, if they are only used as base helper class for other tests and do not contain own test methods.
  • Test classes only need to be unambiguous within the context of the module they are testing.

See Object-oriented code for details and examples.


Drupal 7


class TrackerTest extends DrupalWebTestCase {}

Drupal 8


namespace Drupal\tracker\Tests;

use Drupal\simpletest\WebTestBase;

class TrackerTest extends WebTestBase {}

TBD: Naming scheme of tests for Drupal\Core and Drupal\Component namespaces.

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