Hello! And sorry for my english!

TVI is a very good module, but one its feature is haunted me - the memory used is up than 150 MB on the pages of adding and editing nodes (node/add*, node/*/edit).

I saw by the Devel module that there are a lot of queries like

SELECT * FROM tvi_settings ts WHERE ts.type = 'vocab' AND ts.xid = my_xid

- they are very small, but there are many such queries (seems to be: number of terms in my site == number of queries).

I thought this topic will help me, but it didn't (possible because of other TVI version there).

Can You help me? I don't deal with code and I don't know are so much queries are needed on such pages.

Great Thank You!


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Version: 6.x-1.3 » 6.x-1.x-dev

That seems odd, because TVI would have no bearing on node add or node edit forms. If this is true this should be rectified immediately.

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I can confirm this. One of your servers that has TVI in use and it's very heavy, see http://monosnap.com/image/pOymry9Vaaw7DOAR2uMw57zKztHatb

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You are right. This module have to be entirely rewriten I know it but I unfortunately have other priorities for the moment.

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Does this affect the 7.x version as well?

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FYI - Ref. #2385633: is this module active again?

Maintainer: "I still beleive that we should merge with Taxonomy Display."

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TVI is highly useful - but the code does contain legacy cruft from the d6 conversion. A merge or new branch refactor would prove useful.

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I've noticed this too, the memory usage in the D7 version is quite high. I thought about trying to use Panels to override Drupal's default taxonomy path, so I uninstalled TVI and installed Panels and upon enabling the term_view_page in Panels I get the following error:

Page manager module is unable to enable taxonomy/term/%taxonomy_term because some other module already has overridden with views_page.

I have a separate post on this here: https://www.drupal.org/node/2419993

So, it appears I cannot use Panels because TVI did not completely uninstall or at least left the default path taxonomy/term/%taxonomy_term overridden. Maybe it's something else, but this is what it appears to me.

If anyone has any insight on how to solve this I would appreciate it.

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I'm still working on this, but I believe if I disable the view that is overriding the default taxonomy page, that the error I listed above will disappear. At this point that seems to be the best solution if I want to use Panels.

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Version: 6.x-1.x-dev » 7.x-1.x-dev
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In working with this here is a workaround (to the memory issue) that has helped me:

I am using TVI with Commerce Kickstart, with modified default Drupal taxonomy pages created by a view. Initially, memory usage was very high when applying the view to the taxonomy terms via TVI.

I render the taxonomy term entity in the header of the view. The problem was I needed to have a page view for each term since I couldn't pass an argument (from the URL) to the header. As my number of page views increased, the memory usage was getting quite high.

I found this post where others were having a similar issue and a patch to the Entity API module that allows for arguments to be passed to the header in a view.

Now I can have just one page view and apply it to all my taxonomy term pages. The memory usage has gone way down.

I hope this helps someone with a similar issue.

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Title: Memory used is very high » TVI memory usage is very high
Related issues: +#1957266: Rendered entity in views header accepting arguments from URL

@scott859; great, thanks for the tip!

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

Sounds like an issue with a patch for Entity API as mentioned in #10. Closing.