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MD5: 754960703013ecbfe8d9fdb06f16df58
SHA-1: 66a96a3553629772945390b8fa14b793d6e7fef1
SHA-256: 501824a2ca63aa006c5f83eaab37644dec6c7ccf01a8e346d609a5f530ac07da
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MD5: bf82f055dda68475c4b1c27306cc7b8f
SHA-1: 94a026874dde5b5d8e2119ff9020d015a1b1258b
SHA-256: 7abc442c5192bddaf91ce93d58b7ca210d9409a997778ece9ac5cdba83e42ffe

Release info

Created by: Jose Reyero
Created on: 21 Apr 2012 at 09:19 UTC
Last updated: 23 Apr 2014 at 19:00 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Many bug fixes and new features:
- Rework string translation access, new permissions, xss filtering,
- Support for exportable variables per language using latest Variable module.
- API improvements to support latest Entity API and TMGMT features.
- Lots of minor API improvements, and some new hooks to be used by other contributed modules.

Full list:
203b604 Issue #1371818 by webflo: Added Variables added with form alter are not shown as translatable, needs better i18n_variable_form_alter().
c106cae Changed language type title and minor code cleaning.
b1c5f22 Fixed undefined variable in i18n_menu_translation_item_overview().
924cfba Fixed undefined variable in i18n_field_menu().
92190f5 Changed deprecated function split() to explode().
00c3ee5 Issue #1437146: Fixed Rework string translation access, related issues
9d3b751 Issue #1159912: Fixed i18n_select not keeping values for synchronization.
cc668e8 Issue #1482306: Fixed Localized i18n taxonomy terms lacking rdfa attributes. Moved language field to the end to avoid notice.
69b8002 Some code cleaning, removing obsolete function.
c27323d Issue #1447012 by Jose Reyero | fago: Added ease supporting dynamic properties.
2330f58 Issue #1511944: Fixed other include paths
2c794b8 Issue #1511944 by kimee: Fixed Fatal error when enabling i18n_string() module with drush using aliases.
bb4c70e Issue #1482306 by scito: Fixed Localized i18n taxonomy terms lacking rdfa attributes.
5a3d1b9 Issue #1510408 by Jose Reyero: Delete old multilingual variables from variable store table.
9367261 Issue #1437146 by Jose Reyero | scito: Fixed Rework string translation access. (After 1.4 update, block translation disallowed HTML error).
dca2f1a Issue #1490834 by Jose Reyero: Add support for exportable language variables.
d389452 Issue #1427614 by webflo: Fixed The i18n_string() integration with l10n client don't add correctly the string to a page.
065f541 Issue #1481818 by Jose Reyero: Improve i18n_object_field() to get nested properties.
16395f2 Issue #1444492 by bforchhammer: Fixed Menu string refresh deletes all strings.
d202e69 Added more menu tests.
a05f1e2 Some more tests for i18n_menu, node menu items basic.
6227de3 Issue #1186692 by dkingofpa: Fixed Problems in upgrade path on i18n_string().
21ad9fd Issue #1447168: Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in i18n_field_page_translate().
e13b064 Issue #1433944 by vasi1186: Fixed Fields order in i18n_menu_schema_alter().
2c2d9d3 LIKE is a string and not a constant.
3d93cf5 Issue #1462454 by webflo | klopsen: Fixed Call to undefined function i18n_node_type_translate().
510be83 Revert "Add missing i18n object type in i18n_block_i18n_object_info()."
3d8f0b7 Add missing i18n object type in i18n_block_i18n_object_info().
59aa722 Fixed hook_i18n_object_info() in API docs.
f3766ab Issue #1062054 by Jerome F | erdembey: Fixed Recoverable fatal error: Method DatabaseCondition::__toString() must return a string value in i18n_select_check_que
8e79a40 Issue #1437932 by webflo, Jose Reyero | kerios83: Fixed Multilingual select 7.x-1.4 module cause PDOException on drupal forum.
6157e31 Issue #1343044 by webflo: Implements translatable blocks for context.
ccdfd50 Issue #1182058 by bforchhammer, das-peter, Jose Reyero, GiorgosK: Added entity_translation() support.
c2006de Issue #1439702 by Jose Reyero: Split hook_i18n_object_info(), new hook_i18n_translation_set_info().
b7c63cf Added missing in info file.


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