Going to try to move the demo content to their own modules/features and have them tied to the app 'demo' hooks. Also going to see if I can keep them from always showing up as overridden. I would even like to hide them from the features page if I could as it is somewhat irrelevant if they are overridden.


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So far good, I am changing the package from 'Features' to 'Openchurch' bc I don't like the demo content being on the features page as it always shows overridden. Instead I am adding a demo hook to each app/feature so that you can enable/disable demo content from the App page which is more appropriate.

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Just updated the head of the 2x branch and things are looking good. All of the demo content is moved into separate features and linked to each app via the apps info hook and so it will be easy for users to disable demo content from the app screen now. Also I changed the package setting for each to 'Openchurch' so that they don't appear on the features page.

Staff is the only feature that still shows as 'overridden' for whatever reason, even tho on the detail page nothing appears as overridden. I have done a full end to end test on my local box and the install still runs correctly.

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