The README.txt and fboauth_fboauth_actions() function specify a 'theme callback' for generating your own link for a custom action.

However fboauth_action_display() asks for a key 'theme':

286 function fboauth_action_display($action_name, $redirect = NULL, $app_id = NULL) {
287   // Use the default App ID if not specified.
288   $app_id = isset($app_id) ? $app_id : variable_get('fboauth_id', '');
290   $action = fboauth_action_load($action_name);
291   $link = fboauth_action_link_properties($action_name, $redirect, $app_id);
292   $theme = isset($action['theme']) ? $action['theme'] : array('fboauth_action__' . $action_name, 'fboauth_action');
293   return theme($theme, array('action' => $action, 'properties' => $link));
294 }

If I'm not mistaken either that should get changed to 'theme callback' or the documentation and initial actions declarations should just be 'theme'.

Thanks for the great work on this module.

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Thanks, rather than changing the code, we should update the documentation. At one point I had thought that we would also support "theme arguments" in addition to "theme callback", but I decided against that unnecessary abstraction. Just "theme" is the proper key. Some of our code isn't reflecting this change though, as even fboauth_fboauth_actions() attempts to use "theme callback", even though it's not doing anything. Really most modules won't need to specify a theme property anyway, since a suggestion is provided for them already (such as our own theme_fboauth_action__connect() function).

I've committed this patch both branches which clarifies the situation.

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Title: "theme callback" is not called in fboauth_action_display() » Documentation incorrectly refers to "theme callback"

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.