The field UI is really hard to use. Everyone knows it's a problem, but no one is actively working on it (no open issues). Let's revisit!
#521468: Redesign content type editing (after CCK UI is in)

Discussion around the field UI redesign stopped in 2009, but was happening over here:
UI-oriented summary of D7 Field API

Related issues for Drupal 8:
Scotch: Blocks & Layouts Everywhere Initiative
D8 UX Analysis: Design Assumptions and Principles
D8 UX Analysis – Layouts, IA Spaces and the Principle of Definition-Usage Pairs

Let's also keep in mind that the "display fields" tab may end up being replaced by Scotch / templates / something else - but we'll still need the add fields tab, and it still needs a lot of improvement!

Proposed resolution

This whole process probably needs a redesign from the ground up. Some frustrating things about the current system that could use to be changed in the new system (if not replaced entirely) are as follows:
- add step numbers to the process of adding a field so users know when they are "done"
- remove page 2 of the multi-step form, since the "questions" asked there are repeated on page 3
- send users to the display fields interface when they are done adding a field (not back to the add field screen)

Remaining tasks

- Design
- Implementation

User interface changes

Content Builder, step 1

Content Builder, step 2

Content Builder, step 3

Content Builder, step 4

API changes

- unknown


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Issue summary:View changes

suggest total redesign

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Issue summary:View changes

more about display fields tab

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Issue tags:+Usability
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Attached is an example of how I actually want to build content. I've excluded the layout part of "display settings" since that will need to belong to scotch, but here's how I want to add and configure my fields (which, by the way, should not be called fields!)

After people get through step 4, they should be redirected to (step 5?) the layout manager - where they can position the element on the "page".

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What I get from these is that we need multi-step forms to help people through picking and configuring individual fields, which is definately something we want to provide as a pattern.

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The form builder approach is also outlined in #1472348: Fields UI improvements using form builder pattern - not sure yet which one to mark duplicate so we can focus in one issue.

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Version:9.x-dev» 8.x-dev
Category:feature» task
Priority:Major» Normal

Very interesting!

...uploading the pdf files from #1 as images. All credits to Jennifer.

[Edit: moved images to issue summary]


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Issue summary:View changes

link to D7 redesign issue

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Issue summary:View changes

...screenshots of the proposed changes.

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Version:8.x-dev» 9.x-dev
Category:task» feature

Don't really see this happening in D8 anymore.

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Priority:Normal» Major

However, it's a pretty sub-optimal screen as far as UX is concerned, so escalating to major.

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...the screenshots were not attached back in #5 for some reason :/

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As further anecdotal evidence of how much this actively bites actual users of Drupal, I gave a Spark session at DrupalCon Austin and spent the last 30 minutes in a big messy group prioritization exercise, where everyone in attendance (maybe 80-100 people) could shout out pain points for site builders (among other questions) and then everyone got two "votes" (hand raises) as we went through the list, which I then tried to eyeball and stick in some kind of order. Here are the full results for those who are curious: (slides 32+)

When we got to "Point and click form design," almost every single hand shot up in the room. While I can't say for sure who was there, and what their specific backgrounds were, it's safe to assume it was a good mix of both big site and small site builders, some content authors, etc. So while we can't by rights make this a critical issue, since you can still build a form even if it is painful, I'm extremely open to the idea of introducing something in minor releases of Drupal 8 that make this much, much easier for site builders to use.

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Priority:Normal» Major
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@webchick I guess #1963340: Change field UI so that adding a field is a separate task is one little step - but has been stalled now for a while.

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Version:8.0.x-dev» 8.1.x-dev

Might be for 8.1.x

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Status:Active» Postponed