Firstly great theme, I use it for most of my projects.

Line 51 of the tabs.css file is

font-weigh: bold;

The letter 't' is missing from the end of 'weight' ... or if not meant to be bold, comment out the line?

Same error in the tabs.sass file


#1 basic-css_typo-1473144-1.patch324 byteskid_icarus


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Correction to line number

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324 bytes

Nice catch @edrupal.

This patch addresses the issue, however, I couldn't find an error in tabs.sass.

I ran:
sass --unix-newlines -l tabs.sass -t expanded
and the recompiled tabs.css didn't have the existing typo, so I merely modified tabs.css.

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Title: Miss spelling of css statement » CSS declaration typo.

I'm changing the title, as "Miss spelling" was misspelled. ;-)

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Thanks for the catch. committed to 7.x dev

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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