I'm looking to have someone from the community join me in maintaining and developing Similar Entries and sticking around for the eventual port to Drupal 8 and beyond. I think this module has finally found its direction and some stability, but I'd love to hear what other developers have in the way of ideas for Similar Entries. Similar Entries' popularity will ensure that some help will be very - well - helpful in the near future. If you want to come on board to help put in some work on Similar Entries please open a new issue or comment below and give me some insight in what you're looking to do with the module.

P.S. I'm also looking for a co-maintainer for Rules Forms Support and Signup Rules.


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I would like to help.

Please note I am new to maintaining modules on drupal site. Hope you could guide me in the right direction.

Best Regards

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im willing to help too. Contact me please.


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I'm willing to help. I have a passion for drupal. I switched to drupal programming once I was introduced to it. Also I have been using similar entries sometimes in few sites too.

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Did you guys have any reply from Jordan?

The last commit in the project was like 9-10 months ago and from taking a look at Jordan's latest commits he seems to be focused on other projects (Views Chart Tools/Google Chart Tools for Drupal) and even for these the latest commits date back in July. So, I'm guessing he currently might not spare time in his life.

Same goes for David (deekayen), the other person listed as a maintainer of the project. He is actively committing to other projects lately, but his last commit to this project was 2 years ago.

Perhaps if you have no reply soon(ish) and you are still interested in actively maintaining Similar Entries, you should then follow the official procedure for taking over abandoned projects.

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Status: Active » Fixed

Hey guys.

I actually spoke with urwen more via email when he posted his request. I added him as co-maintainer and notified him shortly thereafter, but the project doesn't seem to have received any attention from him since that time, so I've removed him.

bhatmahesht, I looked over your profile and website briefly. It's great that you're using the module in some of your sites as well. I've granted you commit, release, and issues access. This module deserves some love, and klonos is correct - I originally took the project over from deekayen, but I haven't had the spare time lately (mostly work obligations, which is often the case). However, I do plan on catching up on some of my drupal.org projects in the next month. So if you have any questions, need help, or just want to collaborate please feel free to contact me directly at jordan.halterman@gmail.com.

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Thanx for your prompt actions Jordan and for taking the time to reply and explain things. I do not speak Drupal code (yet), but I'm happy to test things so contact me if you need help with testing.

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Hi Jordan,

I sent you an email, because i had some things to commit but i was having problems trying to do it. Now i understand why LOL :-). It passed some time since you gave me permissions and i was able to put my hands on, mainly because i move to London and my last 3 to 4 months has been very busy, sorry for that.

I'm still interested, I think I have some interesting things to add, as i told you by email.
I'l probably need some guidance, I've been working with php for 10 years, with drupal for around 5 to 6, and git too, but i'm not sure if my commits have to be sended directly to which branch, or how to proceed.


Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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hello ??

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Issue summary: View changes

Hello, i want to help

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Still need maintainers?