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Similar Entries is looking for a co-maintainer.

Similar Entries provides lists of links to site content related to the current node being viewed. Links can be displayed in standard blocks or as part of custom views. Similar content is located and rated using MySQL's FULLTEXT indexing for MyISAM tables. FULLTEXT is a special query that helps find relevant content in other nodes using a natural language search that interprets the search string as a phrase in natural human language.

The installation quietly converts relevant tables to MyISAM and adds the FULLTEXT index when the module is installed, and CCK or field table indexes (version 2.x) are updated during cron maintenance tasks if necessary. This reliance on FULLTEXT searches means that MySQL is required for this module.

See a comparison of similar content block modules.

Similar Entries 1: block

  • Provides a standard block for displaying link lists sorted in descending order of relevance.
  • Several block configuration options afford significant control over results.
  • Allows the inclusion of taxonomy terms in filtering queries.

Similar Entries 2: Views-based

Views integration for Similar Entries is still under development. Patches are welcomed.

  • Provides Views integration for displaying similar content.
  • Similarity sort handler, field, and argument handlers.
  • Provides a default block view for immediate use.

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