Download commons-6.x-2.5.tar.gztar.gz 2.71 MB
MD5: 3bca219b69e44835c87a3e3eac949515
SHA-1: 8c3a11423e6f92e6b3182a202409b923f250a81c
SHA-256: 48686fd4ce8b6622ace8e1817797e5e90df6c95659e72ce04934b06c7238f9a3
Download commons-6.x-2.5.zipzip 2.86 MB
MD5: e48518780ff85542c20a243c91b6556e
SHA-1: 19fdfcd847ea4798c4fbf734e0ab92d3a74acbd8
SHA-256: d1a46cffab6f3f5042477a40621b1e9aa2e0ca2cb95ab4ff0f348e7730289b2d

Release info

Created by: ezra-g
Created on: 14 Feb 2012 at 03:55 UTC
Last updated: 14 Feb 2012 at 04:44 UTC
Core compatibility: 6.x

Release notes

For up-to-date release notes and documentation, visit

Commons 2.5 contains product enhancements and security updates. Users are strongly encouraged to apply this security update.

Version announcements

Drupal Core updated

Drupal core is updated to 6.24, which contains bug fixes and important security updates.

Question content type

This release includes a new content type, Question, that allows your users to post questions, and then obtain answers from other users. Users can also vote for their favorite responses, allowing answer validation to be crowd-sourced.

Redesigned site and group homepages

The site homepage and group landing pages have been redesigned based on usability test feedback.

New features

  • Feature #1419150 by lisarex, ezra-g, laurentc, ay13: Revised group landing page.
  • Feature #1411684 by lisarex, ezra-g, ay13: New homepage for authenticated users
  • Feature#1392768 by laurentc, ay13 and ezra-g: Questions + Answers feature and revised Origins theme.
  • Feature #1436182 by Noyz: Make Origins background image less noisy.
  • Feature #1412084 by ay13: Origins tweaks followup including pills for tabs.
  • Feature #1409188 by ezra-g: production drush make script
  • Bug fixes

  • Bug #1433032 by Luukyb: Create Question/Answer permissions missing for authenticated users
  • Bug #1439252 by ezra-g: Activity log and Facebook status messages use different avatar sizes
  • Bug #1439084 by ay13: Sidebar width and Breadcrumb issues
  • Bug #1436418 by ezra-g: Commons should install views_content_cache, not just enable it
  • Bug #1433294 by ezra-g: Missing dependencies from commons_core feature
  • Bug #1180080 by lightsurge: Date off by one day in dateblock
  • Bug #1431460 by ay13: Anonymous homepage sidebar width issue
  • bug #1416568 by ezra-g: New answer group membership is not set
  • bug #1418968 by ay13: Primary Button styles not applied to Comment button
  • bug #1415902 by greggles with no assistance from msonnabaum: nested lists with commons_origins look rough
  • Bug #1407200 by ezra-g and laurentc: Inaccurate description for freetagging fields
  • Bug #1407250 by ezra-g, laurentc: Fix for user following count
  • Bug #1407230 by ezra-g: Comment views don't fully enforce node access
  • Bug #1423144 by ay13: right column background doesn't continue to bottom of the page
  • Completed tasks

  • Task #1432340 by webchick: Initial changes to .make file to allow Commons to work with new packaging system
  • Task #1438896 by ezra-g: Update OG_Features to latest dev release
  • Task #1418000 by ezra-g: update to Votingapi 6.x-2.x dev.
  • Task #1425130 by ezra-g: Update core to 6.24
  • Installing Commons 2.5

    For information about how to install Commons 2.5, see Installing Commons on a new server.

    Upgrading to Commons 2.5 from Commons 2.x

    IMPORTANT: If you're upgrading to Commons 2.5 directly from a Commons 1.7 installation, see the Upgrading to Commons 2.5 from Commons 1.7 section of these release notes.

    To upgrade your server to Commons 2.5 from Commons 2.x, complete the following steps:

    Preparing for the upgrade

    1. Back up your code (everything in your Drupal root directory) and your database.
    2. Open a web browser, and then log in to your site as the main administrator account.
    3. Place the site in "Off-line" mode. This allows database updates to run without interruption, and without displaying errors to visitors of your site. To change the mode, complete the following steps:
      1. In your web browser, open http://site_URL/admin/settings/site-maintenance, where site_URL is the URL of your Commons server.
      2. Select the Off-line option.
      3. Click Save configuration.

    Installing the upgrade

    1. Extract the new Commons tarball and copy the contents into your document root.
    2. In your web browser, open http://site_URL/update.php
    3. Follow the prompts to "Update" your server.
      You may see the following failed update from the OG module: ALTER TABLE og_uid ADD INDEX uid (uid)
      You can safely ignore this warning.
    4. In your web browser, open the Performance page at http://site_URL/admin/settings/performance, and then click Clear cached data.
    5. Open the Features page at http://site_URL/admin/build/features.
    6. Examine the list of Features, and for each feature with a State of Overridden, revert the feature. To revert a feature, complete the following steps:
      1. Click the Overridden link for the feature. A page opens that provides more information about the selected feature.
      2. Select all of the checkboxes relating to overridden components on the page.
      3. Click Revert components.
    7. Open the Activity Log page at http://site_URL/admin/settings/activity_log, and then click Clear all message caches.
    8. Select the Regenerate Activity tab (http://site_URL/admin/settings/activity_log/regenerate), and then click Regenerate.
    9. Re-enter any customized rules messages you reverted as part of this upgrade procedure on the Triggered rules page (http://site_URL/admin/rules/trigger).

    Completing the upgrade and restarting your website

    Allow your visitors to access your web site by returning your site to "Online" mode:

    1. In your web browser, open http://site_URL/admin/settings/site-maintenance.
    2. Select the Online option.
    3. Click Save configuration.

    If you see errors with the layout of the Commons Origins theme, clear the site cache at http://site_URL/admin/settings/performance and be sure to shift+refresh in your browser.

    Upgrading to Commons 2.5 from Commons 1.7

    To upgrade your server to Commons 2.5 from Commons 1.7, see the instructions at Upgrading to Commons 2.x from version 1.7.


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