I use video_filter module with video filter plugin for ckeditor (standalone). Whenever I put a youtube video in my content (autoplay unchecked), the video always start in autoplay. Any idea why is that ?
Thanks in advance.


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I fixed it by adding one line to plugin.js where the checkbox is checked :

        if (params.autoplay) {
          str += ' autoplay:' + params.autoplay;
  str += ' autoplay:' + '0';
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Maybe this is because the "Autoplay" setting is set to Yes?

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1. Where is this Autoplay setting configuration if it's not the autoplay checkbox ?

Rest of of the comment was not relevant so I deleted it.

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When I add a video link, and check the "Autoplay" box in the Video Filter Dashboard, it adds the autoplay:1 switch to the video filter line. I manually edited it to autoplay:0 and the video does not autoplay, which is the desired result when the "Autoplay" box is unchecked. However, when the "Autoplay" box is unchecked, the autoplay switch is not added, and subsequently the plugin.js script sets it to on.

Rather than relying on the plugin.js script, or other similar scripts, to decide how to set the autoplay when no switch is sent to it, or patching the scripts manually, perhaps it would be better if that switch was automatically included and set to 0 by default, and alternatively set to 1 when the Autoplay box is checked.

For now I'm manually adding autoplay:0 to all of my links so that I know they will default to off.

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Have the same problem. When I do not check 'autoplay' I get the following error:

Autoplay field is required.

My only option is to enable autoplay. However, I do not want autoplay enabled.

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Seeing same issue, fixed as per Zen Master by adding a couple of lines around line 35 of editors/tinymce/video_filter.js to:

34       if ($('#edit-autoplay').is(':checked')) {
35         str += ' autoplay:' + $('#edit-autoplay').val();
36       }
37       else {
38         str += ' autoplay:0';
39       }

Seems to work well now.

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new473 bytes

Here is a quick patch if interested.

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Here's a patch for ckeditor.

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I tested it with tinymce, and it works well.


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The patch in #7 also worked for me. Thanks guys!

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Nevermind, sorry.

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#7 work fine in my site. Plz commit. :)

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This should be added to the next release.

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