I'm using Menu Position to assign a content type to a 2nd level main menu item. The main menu is being properly updated by Menu Position however the breadcrumb is not updated to show the correct path. When I disable Menu Breadcrumb the breadcrumb shows the proper path which leads me to believe it's an issue with Menu Breadcrumb.



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I am experiencing the same behaviour.

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I'm having a similar problem. The menu positioning aspect is working as expected, but the breadcrumb is not following the expected path. It is showing the home link and the current page, but missing the intermediate page that menu positioning is assigning it to.

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Please take a look at the following issue / patch for menu position:

Fixed it for me, however, the node title is not being appended

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Coming from same issue. I heard Zen theme has same feature and it works with Menu Position. Maybe this module maintainers could take a look at implementation in Zen and see what could be a problem?

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I am using Zen and having this issue. I am not using the Menu Position module.

My menu is like:

The breadcrumb is:
Home > Service1

It should be:
Home > Solutions > Service1

Here is the zen breadcrumb function:

 * @param $breadcrumb
 *   An array containing the breadcrumb links.
 * @return
 *   A string containing the breadcrumb output.
function zen_breadcrumb($breadcrumb) {
  // Determine if we are to display the breadcrumb.
  $show_breadcrumb = theme_get_setting('zen_breadcrumb');
  if ($show_breadcrumb == 'yes' || $show_breadcrumb == 'admin' && arg(0) == 'admin') {

    // Optionally get rid of the homepage link.
    $show_breadcrumb_home = theme_get_setting('zen_breadcrumb_home');
    if (!$show_breadcrumb_home) {

    // Return the breadcrumb with separators.
    if (!empty($breadcrumb)) {
      $breadcrumb_separator = theme_get_setting('zen_breadcrumb_separator');
      $trailing_separator = $title = '';
      if (theme_get_setting('zen_breadcrumb_title')) {
        if ($title = drupal_get_title()) {
          $trailing_separator = $breadcrumb_separator;
      elseif (theme_get_setting('zen_breadcrumb_trailing')) {
        $trailing_separator = $breadcrumb_separator;
      return '<div class="breadcrumb">' . implode($breadcrumb_separator, $breadcrumb) . "$trailing_separator$title</div>";
  // Otherwise, return an empty string.
  return '';
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Just posted this issue in "Menu_position" here: http://drupal.org/node/1883190

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I'm having the same issue using menu position:

my menu:

-- menu postion rule for content type x

My breadcrumb shows : home > item1 >subitem1
There should be a title showing. I enabled every option in menu breadcrumb but it doesn't show the title of the page.
This is after the fix on #6.