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With the bulk media upload module you can upload a bunch of files to your drupal website. For each file a new node will be created.

Installation & Usage

  1. Install Media, plupload and token. (Dont forget their dependencies!)
  2. Download plupload from and copy the files into sites/all/libraries/plupload. Remark: At the moment (August 2015, updated April 6 2017 (yes it is still valid)) plupload 1.5.8 library is required which works nicely with plupload module 7.x-1.7
  3. Create a nodetype with at least one media asset field
  4. Go to admin/config/media/bulk_media_upload and choose your nodetype and the mediafield
  5. Visit admin/content/file/bulk_upload, fill out the form and start uploading

Known Bugs

Image/File-Field as default value

When you have a image or file field assigned to your nodetype, the node generation only works when you click "Start upload" at the plupload-widget before you click "generate nodes"!

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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Hi there,

I'm a seasoned beginner on Drupal, but I'm afraid that your instructions aren't clear enough for me to figure out what you're advising us to do. Can you please update to provide a detailed set of instructions? For instance, do I create a node type called "bulk_media_upload" or is that already built into one of the modules? When I navigated to those areas, there was no such thing. Is there a display setting I need to make when I create the node type? Etc.


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These instructions are to be used after installing the Bulk Media Upload module.
It took me a bit of time to realize that myself.

Hope this helps.

A Day In The Life

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The last step will get you to the form to create the nodes.

Sub your site for
Works great.

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Serious props to the dev. This is the only module which can create a great multi-node upload for drupal, with reliable taxonomy and entity support.

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Bulk uploading images and assigning description and taxonomy to each image, should be in Drupal core, to my understanding...

However, until then, some "in form" explanations, so that uploading is understood and can be done by all users, will be most welcome.

Thank you,

Issue resolved. I missed renaming the extracted Plupload folder....

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hi just wanted to ask you why cant i see the field to add the image

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The 1.5.8 version of plupload seems to have been hidden. Even the link in the download instructions gets 2.3.4.