Menu Attach Block module admin interface


Menu Attach Block allows you to attach blocks to standard core Drupal menu items. This is especially useful for creating complex dropdown menus and mega menus.

Any block can be used, including blocks generated by other modules. Blocks generated by Views are particularly good candidates for embedding.

You can choose to replace menu items with Blocks, or keep the menu items and have the block available by clicking a link which is inserted beside the menu item.


  • Attach any block to any menu item
  • Choose whether the menu is horizontally or vertically aligned
  • Blocks respect all user permissions settings
  • CSS and JS is provided for basic show/hide functionality. This functionality has been tested under Bartik

Known problems

  • The CSS provided out of the box may not look good in your theme.
    Vertically aligned menus should look ok, but horizontal ones are a bit trickier.

    You can of course write your own CSS to make things look just the way you like. Check README.txt for a guide on which CSS selectors are available to work with.

    If anyone has any suggestions on how to make the module CSS more generic, please let me know in the issue queue.

  • Blocks loaded via Ajax which embed forms don't submit correctly. Tracked here:

    #2171751: Forms loaded via AJAX submit correctly but redirect to an AJAX response



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This project was sponsored by NBC Universal.

This module was based heavily on Menu Views. Many thanks to Mark Carver and randallknutson of Level Ten Interactive.

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