The theme is currently not "self-documenting". It lacks the basic information new themers need to efficiently create a sub-theme. This is based on my experience working with 200+ novice themers and the Omega base theme. Attached is a patch which adds comments to the files in the CSS folder of the alpha-xhtml starter kit.

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Attaching the suggested updates for CSS comments and README file.

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Thank you for this! It has definitely been needed for some time since the 3.0 work began.

I'm planning on (very shortly) starting a push to the next release (3.1) with some outstanding bug fixes, and I'll look this over, and make sure it is included.

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This has been added to the Omega 3.1 Roadmap for inclusion in the next official release.

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I've applied this patch, and also duplicated the efforts in the starterkits for omega html5 and omega xhtml so that they are properly reflected in ANY starterkit someone picks up.

Also added a line into global.css that lets a user know that it really IS global...

Emmajane, thank you for this patch! it has been committed, and will be in the 3.1 release.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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