We haven't had any activity in 33 weeks, I'm happy to step up and maintain the 6.x-3.x branch to jQuery 1.7.

At the moment I'm maintaining the branch in a sandbox: http://drupal.org/sandbox/aidan/1367896

I'll leave this here for two weeks then assign over to the webmaster queue.


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Title: Add aidanlis as a maintainer » Add aidanlis as a maintainer of the jquery_update 6.x-3.x branch (D6 update to jquery 1.7)

...a bit less vague issue title for the dashboard. Go Aidan!

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Project: jQuery Update » Drupal.org webmasters
Version: 6.x-2.x-dev »
Component: Code » Project ownership

No response from any of the maintainers in two weeks ... I've followed the procedure in [#251466] and had no response from any of the authors. I'd like to be added as a maintainer.

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Hi Aidan,

Sorry for not getting back to you. Although I am pretty busy, I am somewhat around. Having jQuery 1.7 support in this is definitely a must and something that we should stick in soon. I was talking with mfer last week about this and we might have a better solution around it.

He suggested instead of opening up another branch, provide a selector where you could choose which jQuery version the site would use. The files would then be replaced depending on which version of jQuery you selected. It would help keep the source somewhat similar between Drupal 6/7, reduce the amount of maintenance required to keep the module up to date, and be future-proof as we wouldn't have to open up a whole new branch when jQuery 1.8 comes around.

This would hopefully also give us a nice set of replacement files to work with when the jQuery module takes form.

What are you thoughts? Again, sorry for being busy. December has been absolutely crazy, but I'll definitely have some time coming up in the New Year to help out with this stuff.

Thanks a lot!

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Project: Drupal.org webmasters » jQuery Update
Version: » 6.x-2.x-dev
Component: Project ownership » Code

Sounds like a plan!

As it's a major upgrade I'll assume we still need a new branch (3.x). I've gone ahead and implemented the version switcher here:

Can I commit this?

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This is a fantastic re-write of this essential module.
Would love to see 6.x-3.x on the jquery_update main page.

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@RobLoach, can we get some attention on this please? It's been another two weeks ... I'd like to be added as a maintainer for the 3.x branch, but I'm equally happy to create this as separate project called jquery_update2.

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@aidanlis, it may have been unintentionally, but you changed project and compontent of this issue in #4.
I'm unsure whether this makes any difference or may be the reason of the missing progress.

@squarecandy: me 2 ;)

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@Alumei, once RobLoach replied it's no longer an unmaintained project so the issue had to come back to the jQuery Update queue.

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Drupal 6 reached EOL (end-of-life) on February 24, 2016.