I've found a way to add a multiple slides from one single page instead of creating an individual page per each slide. The tutorial is broken down into each individual step with an accompanied screenshot so you can't get lost. The actual setup is very simple, but I wanted to have a tutorial that anyone could follow, so it's a little verbose.

What modules you need

Views: RC3
Views Nivo Slider: Latest Dev
Field Collections: Latest Dev

Step 1

Add a slideshow field collection to your content type.

Step 2

Find your field collection (admin/structure/field-collections) and click manage fields.
Add the following three fields (Title, Link and Image)

Step 3

Create a new view that display "content".

Step 4

Add a Contextual filter to the view.

Choose "Content: Nid"

Configure the settings to "Provide default value" from "Content ID from URL"

This will make it so that only the slides associated with the page being viewed will be displayed<.em>
If you are using panels I show you a way to override this in Step 11. You can manually provide the NID through a pane configuration.

Step 5

Add a relationship to the view.

You will choose your field collection.

Doing this allows us to pull in the field collection data from the node.

Step 6

Add a filter to the view.

You will choose the same value you chose for the relationship.

Configure the fields operator to "Is not empty (NOT NULL)"

This will make it so the slideshow is only displayed if slides have actually been created.

Step 7

Add your three fields (Title, Link, Image)

For Title make sure you un-check "Create Label" and you set the formatter as "Plain text"

For Link make sure you un-check "Create Label" and you keep the formatter as "Title, as link (default)"

For Image make sure you un-check "Create Label" and you keep the formatter as "Image". Also, leave image style as "None (original image)" and the "Link image to" as "Nothing"

Step 8

Change your Format's "format" and "show" to "Views Nivo Slider"

In the format settings you can choose the image style you want for your images

In the show settings you will define your (Title, Link and Image) fields.

Make sure to leave the link field set to <none>. This is some sort of bug right now and setting it to any value breaks the slideshow.

Step 9

Set your pager to display all items.

Step 10

Create a block or if you're using panels create a content pane.

Optional Step 11 (For Panels Only)

Allow NID input on pane config

Final Step

Insert your block or your panel into your page view.

What's left to do?

Feedback over here would be appreciated #1351114: Hide direction and control navigation when only single slide
Lets work on resolving this problem #1121072: clickable images
This would also be nice #1252068: Allows two (or more) slider on the same page


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Screenshot link corrections

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Wow! That just worked, man - you have no idea how long the community is waiting for this. If every person searching for this would treat you with a beer, you wouldn't make it home - ever.

Sidenote to the other readers: every field in step 2 should be limited to "1" for obvious reasons. Don't forget to assign the relationship of each field in step 7.

P.S.: I had to patch my Field Collection module first.

Thanks again, animelion, very much appreciated!

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Title: Views Nivo Slider + Field Collections = Awesome! (Step by step tutorial) » Display multiple slides from single node (Step by step tutorial)
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Thanks animelion, need to document this properly into d.o documentation.

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Thanks ckng, I'll be updating it later this week. I'd appreciate it if you could take a look at this and give some feedback #1351114: Hide direction and control navigation when only single slide

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@animelion - Thanks for the awesome explanation! It worked for me, and the thorough walkthrough was amazing.

Along the way, I also found a module called Field Slideshow (http://drupal.org/project/field_slideshow) that seems like another valid slideshow alternative for those of us working with multi-value fields.

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Hi animelion,

Thank you for this, it looks great and just what I was looking for. I spent the last two hours following your instructions but it isn't working for me. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind to maybe help me?

I'm getting lots of errors for some reason :(

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I'm wondering if this can be turned into a views template. To make it into a one click solution.

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Version: 7.x-2.x-dev » 7.x-3.x-dev
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I got the Mediafront module working after trying a million different other modules. lol.. And then this gets updated.. I might try this too just to see which one works the best and fastest.

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Hello All,
For displaying multiple slides from single node for using nevo slider by following step:
1. Create view with selecting nivo slider for "Format" and "Show"
2.add image field containing multiple images
3. when adding image field please unchecked the checkbox in "Show Multiple field settings" section
4. set pager for showing number field on slider.

you can also used ddblock for displaying multiple slides from single node by using above steps

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You are awesome. Was extremely easy to implement - I wish I had found this at the start of my day and not the end....

One note about the Pane Settings - not sure if i have a different version of Panels but I could not find the Settings display in step 11. I finally tested things without making modifications outlined in that step and everything worked as expect.

Many, many thanks!

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