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I'll add the module I maintain to this list too, as food for thought:

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I think the purpose of Follow and the purpose of service_links and social_share are quite different. With follow you add links for people to go to your different profiles in different social networks. With service_links and social_share, you are allowing users to share your nodes in there different networks. So there are definitely users that would want both. More specifically to the #1341338: A specific use case: freelance photographer user case, the photographer might want to show his Flickr, Twitter and RSS links on a block, but would also like for each photograph he publisshes to be able to be shared on Facebook and Twitter. This user would need both modules.

What would be really cool is if the photographer for example could install the portfolio distro and he would get a set of example follow links, like Flickr and RSS for example. Then he could edit that using contextual links and right there he would be able to change the default flickr username to his own, and add any other profiles on social networks he wants. This would be a lot easier than enabling the module, configuring it, and adding the block to the a region.

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Then he could edit that using contextual links and right there he would be able to change the default flickr username to his own

Why not just include that configuration as a step of the install process? Install profile allow for that, and it would seem a perfect instance for utilization of it.

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I was thinking of that, or if the portfolio distro was going to use features, there is some work on adding features support to follow:

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It's not yet stated in the use-cases we have written down so far, and we still need to articulate a higher-level vision somewhere (possibly on #1354088: [meta] Scoping the use-case), but so much upfront:

I strongly believe we need to think bigger.

Social networks and web services shouldn't be a loose "artifact" merely being tacked on the site through some badges and buttons.

Social networks and web services are an integral and essential part of a human being on the net today and even more so in the future. We need a deep integration.

Even though I know the coined term and buzzword is hated by many; but with regard to vision, I'd aim for no less than making Web 3.0 a reality on your own Portfolio site.

I'd like Portfolio to shift a lot of focus and momentum on (hybrid) OAuth and web service integration projects. We should leverage the best solutions being out there already and improve them over time.

Just to state one of many examples in terms of vision: In the not so distant future, it should be possible for users to install a Portfolio site without registering or manually entering user credentials for uid 1 in the installer. That's what I mean with integral.

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I don't see how deep, automated service integrations will obviate the need to address Follow & Share links. They are the way a lot of people think about the Web, and will be for a while yet. Both tracks should be addressed.

Having social links look good and be in the right places is important. I would prefer not to see individual services until configured/activated in a central location. If that central location is also embedded in the Install Profile workflow, so be it.

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