Conditional fields doesn't work when your conditional field is a HS one - I know HS is kind of buggy but it would be lovely to have the functionality in d7 at some point.

Meanwhile it works without using the HS widget but now I'm inflicting a very large and heavily nested select list on my users :(

My usecase is a shopping type site where I want to show things like size and colour only in the clothing section of a reasonably large list of categories that also include electronics, gardening etc.


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Actually scratch this request - have written a new module that *does* have perfect compatibility with conditional fields - it was written with CF in mind.

Really need to get this new module either onto d.o as its own project or somehow get it as a fork/new version of HS. Wish me luck. Its a lovely multi-level taxonomy select widget/form element that has a different UI but same functionality as the HS taxonomy select widget. PM me if you're desperate for this functionality, I'll email you a copy.

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Glad you were able to create a solution. But, please don't 'scratch' your request. It is a much needed feature since HS (although buggy) has a respectable number of installs and, is more flexible than the core select list. It seems logical that modules that create or manipulate fields but, provide different functionality in D7 would all be compatible with each other. I'm just getting my feet wet with Drupal but, from all that I've read, the change to entities and making everything fieldable provides greater opportunities and flexibility. So, it seems reasonable that CF and HS somehow close the incompatibility gap.

I'm not a coder but, I want to get up to speed so that I can help with issues such as this.

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Hi, I am facing the same problem with conditional fields and Hierarchical Select working together. I will be glad if you can email me a copy or give me a link to access you new wonderful module

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I have to face the same issue for my website.I am also interested in your module giraffian.

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HS compatibility would be nice. It also has the same issues with Term Reference Select. This would save me from having multiple content types and vocabs.

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Willing to sponsor the addition of this feature. E-mail me at if interested

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Conditional fields module doesn't work with Hierarchical select module
is there patch ?

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Category: feature » bug
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I have the same problem with the HS and CF D7 someone can help me please, or if possible an idea of ​​how to do the same functionality of HS with another module, and if it is compatible with CF


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Actually I found CF to work with HS but you must enter numeric value of the dependee. For Example if you want to display the field only when term "example 1" is selected you should check what is the numeric value of that field in the database ...lets say the value is 7.... That's all you need to enter an it worked for me

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I can not understand, and I tested having a field of taxonomy Select control normal core and field dependence of I works perfect. reviewing the option value assigned to hand a value in the field dependence of this works perfect for defcto select control, but over this field HS (Hieralchical Select) and does not work, can you guide me or tell me as you did for you work, you do not understand what you mean by the value of the database ... That table is talking about? because for example in my case ... the term of the taxonomy I'm using is the second level, and the id of the term is "63" the same value appears in the option value select Default control. and HS also appears in the second level, but does dependency.

You can help me or explain to me how it was run please. I carry a lot of time trying to solve it and still can not get


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I am afraid I am having trouble understanding you mate. For me it worked exactly as described above

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@Mario Baron

I'm eager to try your solution, but I'm curious which version of Conditional Fields you are using because the rest of us over here: can't get Conditional Fields to work at all (in the sense of hiding / showing fields & the data actually saving).

If you are using an unaltered 7.x-3.x-dev, do you by chance know which commit date yours is?

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@Mario Baron

Well, using the direct input method (e.g. "All these values" / "Any of these values") does make my other conditional fields work properly: show/hide and data being saved, but it still isn't working with HS.

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Same here.

Please make CF compatibility for HS

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I just want to know if someday this issue will have any avhievements on a near / far future?


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Same here. Subscribing.

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Category: bug » feature
Priority: Critical » Normal

Would be a nice feature, but certainly this is not a critical bug.
I would postpone the issue since Hierarchical Select for Drupal 7 is still in alpha... But I don't want to discourage anyone willing to work on the integration, which I would happily review.

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Hi all,

I have the same problem!And I have found a solution that works nice for me, i tell it if someone can be useful.

Using this module: I replicated the taxonomy field and configured the module and conditions, also installed the Trem reference tree (

The result is nice taxonomy selection effect (Term reference tree) and the conditional working. Its not a compatibility with HS and does not use AJAX but works nice and solved my problem.

I hope can be useful for someone.

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@ #20, quiron

it is not working with

I am using
Drupal: 7.24
Conditional Fields: 7.x-3.0-alpha1
Term Reference Tree: 7.x-1.9
also tried: Term Reference Tree: 7.x-1.10

there was no issue in setting master and slave term reference field and dependent field.

However dependent doesn't appear in node edit form when tern tree widget (master) is used to select the term in edit form.

any idea what may be wrong in this.

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Issue summary: View changes

Same think with Simple Hierarchical select ,it doesn't work with Conditional fields...Any suggestion?

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For me Hierarchical Select is not working either....what alternatives are there to be able to select a hierarchical list like:
- Chooice

Thanks a lot in advance for your reply!
Greetings, Martijn

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Any news? Same problem here. Would be great to have CF and HS working together!

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Any update?

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If you are not likely to stick with hierarchical select, switch to Client Side HS
module. This has solved my problem. It works similar to Hierarchical select and also compatible with conditional fields.

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I have the same issue that HS and CF were not working together. But thanks Gaurav_drupal (#27) for your solution is perfect working for me.

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Thanks for the useful reference to the cshs module which could have solved my use case.
Only problem is, i need the same clientside behaviour to work on a webform select component, with prepopulation from a hierarchical taxonomy term list.
Is this possible ?

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Its been 6 years and this problem still persists. I am trying to accomplish the same task using CF and HS without any success. I also tried CSHS as suggested in #27 to no avail. Has anyone had much success with CSHS?

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Switch to webform_shs. Worked for our uses cases.’s picture

Suscribing !