Working with the i18n package, the rich text editor does not show up when translating a block.

Is there any development fix for that issue ?




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Title: Editor not showing up in block translation » Make editors work with i18n block translation
Component: User interface » Code
Category: bug » feature
Priority: Major » Normal

This happens because the i18n_string module removes the text format selector (by changing the field type in D7), which Wysiwyg needs to determine which formats are available and which editor profile to attach. Without that information, Wysiwyg won't know what to do.
A workaround was posted in #1252144-7: Support Wysiwyg editors for string translations (Wysiwyg Javascripts don't get loaded for block translations), which you can put in a mymodule.module file together with a simple mymodule.info file to have it work without touching Wysiwyg or i18n.

I have not had time to dig into i18n to determine if we can get that information anyway when it's active, but I'll change this to a feature request to track progress.

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Looks like i18n_block (and i18n_string) should not change the type of the form field then. If they do not want it to be changed, it should be made readonly/disabled. But I doubt that they even should do that. A translator has its own permissions that define access to text formats and that should be the basis of what text formats are allowed. (This does not hold for importing translations, as these can come from unknown (=unsecure) sources, but we are talking the translation UI here.)

If my reasoning is correct, this issue should be moved to i18n.

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Status: Active » Closed (duplicate)

Since there's already an issue related to this in i18n, and we don't support using editors on non-format fields, I'll mark this a duplicate of #1252144: Support Wysiwyg editors for string translations (Wysiwyg Javascripts don't get loaded for block translations).